Steel Water M. Micallef

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Steel Water M. Micallef

Rated 3.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Steel Water M. Micallef for men of M. Micallef

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Steel Water by M. Micallef is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. Steel Water was launched in 2011. Top notes are lemon and tangerine; middle notes are violet, nutmeg and tarragon; base notes are leather, musk and patchouli.

2 reviews for Steel Water M. Micallef

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    3 out of 5

    A rather nice aromatic citrus fragrance from the vastly underrated Micallef house. The perfume opens with citrusy notes of lemon and tangerine and moves to a middle comprised of violet, nutmeg and tarragon before finally settling on a base of musk, leather and patchouli. Unisex (slight masculine leaning) with moderate sillage and projection and decent longevity of about 6 hours. This one makes for a nice, safe, and yet unusual masculine summer office scent. Worth tracking a bargain bottle. Enjoy!

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    3 out of 5

    This is my first review written on the spur.
    I own and enjoy many perfumes. I enjoy many fresh, aquatic, ozonic, and citrusy scents on occasional rotation. Currently for example, Cool Water Wave, Bulgari Aqua Marine Tonic, Aqua Di Gio Profumo, I am King and English Laundry Tahitian Waters are what I am enjoying in contrast to my usual Colonia Club, Ispazon, Terre De Hermes and Icon – to paint a picture.
    I had yet to purchase a Micallef to add to my higher end Creed, Parfum De Marley, Serge Luten, Nasomatto etc EDP collection. This one was on special and I was intrigued and took the plunge.
    I can say that it is a nice left of field choice that lives up to a reputation though it is underwhelming for the price and considering it is an EDP. I would not consider this powdery as described.
    The way I would describe the smell in my terms is that on first application a bright but gentle ozonic lavender, settles after a few minutes down to a sweet lavender with deeper mossy base with hints of sweet coriander to my nose and a touch of nutmeg(?). This is joined after 10 minutes by a soft noticeable but not overpowering flowery note – Violet I think – in the middle that forms and helps change it to the largely green aquatic/ozonic smell. I don’t really detect the citrus scent (lemon if any) described again I think it is more from the Violet. Effectively combined this is what I think provides the metallic note that is often described though I only find it in a quick whiff or at arms length. If you keep smelling your arm like I have you detect how actually complex the formula is and it actually comes across as earthy rather than metallic but I get the take on it. After an hour it does dry down to a simple fresh but earthy Violet and patchouli scent. After 4 hours its very much a violet with a damp soil smell and patchouli.
    It is a high quality smell though maybe at best medium on sillage. I have not had an opportunity to apply it in the morning or whilst going out but so far I would say it is good for a consistent 4 hours at least.
    In summary:
    * Nice for a change and like Tahitian Waters or 3am is unique compared to what is typically out there for an up lifting fresh scent. From my experience I can not think of anything that resembles it AT ALL though original Cool Water would be a guide – take out the fruit and replace with Violet.
    * Can easily be worn by a woman though it is comfortably a mens scent
    * There will eventually be comparisons to Cool Water and the like but it is far more complex than that.
    * Definitely for warmer occasions.
    * A quality freshen me up personal smell rather than for fishing for compliments
    One rare review I vaguely recall dissed it saying it smelled like damp cardboard. Ironically this is somewhat accurate LOL and it is oversimplifying – it has quite a pleasant complexity for a somewhat quality subtle EDP.
    Its construction impressed me enough that I think I will add more Micallef to my collection 😉 but I would not purchase this again and not at a top price.

Steel Water M. Micallef

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