Cabriole Elizabeth Arden

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Cabriole Elizabeth Arden

Cabriole Elizabeth Arden

Rated 3.75 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)

Cabriole Elizabeth Arden for women of Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden presented Cabriole in 1977. It is dedicated to women of delicious contrasts.

Top notes: aldehydes, galbanum, bergamot, anise, apple, peach and pineapple. Heart: rose, jasmine, carnation and violet. Base: bee wax, cedar, sandalwood, amber and oak moss.

8 reviews for Cabriole Elizabeth Arden

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    4 out of 5

    Today I am testing this perfume. It is strong but nice. It is super nice and better than the new ones.

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    4 out of 5

    Hmmm…. soapy “La Nuit” by Paco Rabanne.
    Carnations aldehydes with doses of clean musk, roses, soape, soap, and more soap. It has pineapple, oakmoss, cedar, and sandalwood more than honey. Amber is there but no sign of peaches. Violets are obviously blended within but more of soap clean musk, carnations, and roses.
    The colder the more roses and the sharper it gets with more oakmoss, cedar, and sandalwood. Vintage vintage.
    Interesting to be fair but more into the soapy side than i like. fair.

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    3 out of 5

    Oh Cabriole! What a refreshing blast from my past!
    I purchased this from a very nice seller on eBay who assured me it was a vintage original from the year of it’s release 1977. I recall wearing it years ago but was never able to find it in the UK for many years. I’m so fortunate to find long lost fragrances like this one. I have a miniature splash cologne which is pictured in this page. One applies it by using the stopper. I also have the cologne spray. Cabriole’s a gorgeous early fruity floral. In ’77 there was hardly a category of perfume known as fruity floral. As far as fruit went, the top notes that one would smell as a chypre or floral opened consisted of aldehyde and peach and rarely did it contain other fruit notes. This is not as fruity as say Rumba by Balenciaga or Femme by Rochas. This is a very sweet assortment of fruits with a fresh aldehyde opening. The citrus bursts of bergamot is noticeable but it turns into a very juicy pineapple. Delicious! A fuzzy peach and apple is in this too. The mixture of these fruits make it a kind of fruit drink or fruit alcohol daiquiri type of scent. Boozy, rich, juicy, sweet!
    After the fruit begins to mellow, I get something similar to Red Door by Elizabeth Arden: a green floral with honey and amber, green notes and moss as well as wood. This is not as big on the drier notes and on me remains very sweet and fruited and flowery for a length of time. The heart is flowery with rose, carnation, violet, and jasmine. Not too many flowers but it’s heady and fragrant, a lovely bouquet. The carnation and violet stand out to me and come through with more prominence than the rose or jasmine. A lady like floral scent and fresh, summery, intoxicatingly sweet and alluring, even flirty for a mature scent.
    The dry notes consist of cedar and sandalwood so it’s woodsier as it begins to dry. No musk to be found anywhere in the dry notes but there’s a rich deep amber, not too balsamic or resinous but well paired with a very distinctive and detectable honey or beeswax note. This is the same kind of gorgeous warm honey accord from Red Door. So I would call this a honeyed floral scent as it turns into a warm amber with woods. Not bad a-t-all!
    Weather wise this is a fragrance to put on in the middle of summer when you want to smell of sweet fruit and flowers. It matches up with pretty flower print dresses. This is a very lady-like perfume which means that it would best suit an older married woman. It also has something in common with those rich fruity florals that would come out in the 80’s and 90’s like Amarige by Givenchy and Chloe Narcisse.
    If you’re a younger gal and wear fruity florals like those aforementioned fragrances check this out but you’ll have to shop on ebay for it. A beautiful perfume and so enchanting.
    Thank you Fragrantica.

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    4 out of 5

    Fragrance Review For Cabriole By Elizabeth Arden
    Top Notes
    Aldehydes Galbanum Bergamot Anise Apple Peach Pineapple
    Middle Notes
    Rose Jasmine Carnation Violet
    Base Notes
    Sandalwood Cedar Wood Beeswax Amber Oak Moss
    Cabriole is a rare breed of fragrance. For me the galbanum is everything. Today this green nocturnal note is not being used in fragrances not even those purporting to be chypres. This scent is a fruity floral that then evolves into a chypre. I love how it progresses and feels like a natural perfume.
    Galbanum makes a fragrance smell absolutely fantastic: expensive, vintage, woodsy-green, unisex, and filled with mystery. The galbanum here is just how I like it. I would say that it does not turn too woodsy. It opens with fruit scents. The peach is juicy and like nectar, sweet and delicious. There’s also a pineapple I like. Sweet fruit. Summery.
    I find that it smells a bit old fashioned like a Victorian lady out on a picnic. The peach is like peach cobbler and the other fruit scents make up a very fragrant fruit juice. The flowers in this fragrance bloom softly and it’s a violet and jasmine combination to die for. The strongest floral accord is the violet. Smells like the same Victorian lady is now taking her sweet time strolling through the park and smelling the flowers.
    The dry down is such an amazing experience. Once the delectable fruit and flower scents disappear, the woodsier side of the fragrance emerges. A honey has also been poured into it. This gives the flowers a sweeter smell. This is a beautiful honey. The honey then joins an amber. It’s a golden gooey amber and I’ve always loved honey and amber combinations. Those notes go so well together. But all the notes in this frag go so well together. The way this fragrance develops from fruity floral to amber and woods is to be experienced and enjoyed. The oak moss is very detectable and the woods. Still this is not a camp by the woods scent or a cabin in the woods scent. The woods give it a good solid life, longevity, sillage. It’s more of a support system for the flowers and fruits. It’s really good wood though.
    Excellent perfume. Don’t know if it’s been discontinued. If you can find it on ebay and must make a blind buy go for it. But it helps if you are already familiar with scents with the notes that are listed here. For me this is mainly a fruity floral woodsy scent with pronounced peach, violet and amber-woods. Feminine, elegant, mature. Gorgeous.

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    5 out of 5

    Millascent hits it on the nail. Joy des sportes..I really like Cabriole. Has alot of strength. A nice floral and not too sweet. Carnation is there, front and centre, with Jasmine and rose. The honey softens it. I think this is an overally fine scent. One touch will do.

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    3 out of 5

    I wore it when it came out, and it smells real nice and quite unique, also strong…
    I like the name, means somersault in french. It is a happy lively scent tbat reminds me of another time in my life!! Nostalgia!!!

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    4 out of 5

    Had a tiny bottle of this once that smelled very sharp- must have been off! But smelled a better version recently and must say, it smells really nice- a lush jasmin centered scent set in powdery style woods and a honey-amber, and not too much an accent is played on the plentious fruits – very nice! Something like a sporty/casual version of JOY.

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    3 out of 5

    It was my first perfume and as ı was very young ı was happy but also ashamed to put it on. Idont expected to find even any reference on it. because since those years ı did not heard about it. I make me thinks sea shore we were.

Cabriole Elizabeth Arden

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