Ta O’Driu

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Ta O’Driu

Rated 3.71 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)

Ta O’Driu for women and men of O’Driu

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Ta by O’Driu is a fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Ta was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Angelo Orazio Pregoni. The fragrance features strawberry, melon, tuberose, cedar, oakmoss and laurels.

7 reviews for Ta O’Driu

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    3 out of 5

    Arriving at the end of my journey trhrough Ven_Det_Ta, it is interesting to realize that we are facing a perfume that uses a metalanguage, because after all Angelo criticizes the collections launches of simultaneous niche or exclusive perfumes creating a collection about revenge, something that takes revenge In thematic and in its essence. But more than that, Ven_Det_Ta is a connected project of perfumes that end up presenting different facets about Revenge one that allows more than one reading between the concept and the execution.
    The final part of the saga of revenge is Ta and in a way is of the 3 creations the one unites the wearable exotic style of the perfumer with known accords in the commercial perfumery. Ta is the 3 perfume that has for me the most quiet and linear energy, with Ven being the most explosive and complex and Det being halfway in the process of revenge. At times I come to think while presencing Ta in the skin I am in an inverse process of the discovery of revenge, but at the same time it makes me think also in the reestablishment of order and normality after the act was consummated.
    In Ta we have accords and notes that are classic of commercial perfumery – fruits are present in one form or another in all acts of revenge, but in the final act they are more present. They are not exactly sweet, there is a certain plasticity in the idea of strawberries and in an aquatic fruity accord that remains deep, almost like a noise or a subliminal message in the composition. They make me think so much about the artificiality of the collections that are criticized here as on the artificiality of revenge itself, which can cause the sense of well-being and justice at first, but in the end it does not restore the scene to the moment before the act that caused it . There is an abstract floral chord in the composition, something with rose and tuberous tones, the part that shows another pleasing and seductive side of revenge, already execute at this point. And lastly, a base with shades of moss, vetiver and cedar restore order and bring the lull to the escalating emotions of the revenge process.
    Precisely because of this sequence of aromas I like to think of Ven_Det_Ta as an inverted revenge: the order and calm in Ta, the growing but still balanced process of emotions in Det and finally all the intensity and oscillation of pleasure and brutality in Ven. The order of words may lead one to think of a linear sequence, but it is always good to remember that there is something subversive and even somewhat anarchic in Angelo’s creations. Therefore, the best way to understand it is to go through the olfactory journey – rich in sensations and cohesive in its message. Mine is just a take on the overall revenge process.

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    3 out of 5

    This has to be one of the fruitiest fragrance I’ve tried, but it’s done in a nice, market fresh way. I also get an “aquatic” feel, but more of a downtown, Naples and 5th Avenue sort of way. This fragrance is a coastal town fruit market. Unisex, if not leaning feminine. Lovely! Thumbs Up!

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    3 out of 5

    I’ve used up about ten mils trying to get a handle on this! Either I’m seriously anosmic or what is an amazingly beautiful chord ringing between mint tones and fructones is not constructed well enough to have the persistance it deserves. Oh what frustration! For half an hour I am swooning, but then nothing. And God the bottle, an horrendous riff on Jack the Dripper (Pollock) leaks like a sieve, totally not in sync with what is presumably meant to be an acerbic post modern fruity woody floral. If you buy a bottle, either use it up pronto, or decant it to avoid evaporation. Yep. In the time it’s taken to write, the perfume has to my nose all but disappeared .
    Please someone go in and resurrect that magic ephemeral minty berry.

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    4 out of 5

    At last i got my hands on this line.
    Ta, ta ta ta. a happy perfume that splashes Melon and cantaloupe as the top first spray, then after few seconds something dark Navy slowly overcomes the scene as if it is a velvet Alucard’s cloak base that lifts the cantaloupe and the melon. The sugary strawberries falls later on the dark navy cloak & mixed up with the melon & the cantaloupe causing a sweetish sugary effect that is a hair thin away from cloying. & the calmer it goes the tuberose shows up mixed with the scene while:
    Fruitti notes = Low
    Tuberose note = High
    Smoky Dark Phase = overcomes the scene AND the atmosphere
    Quite interesting and kind of new as it might go smash hit if it turned commercial! but with this nice quality, i guess it will be quite expensive as a commercial then.

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    5 out of 5

    This is the most unusual fruity fragrance I have ever sampled. If there is such thing as smoky fruit – Ta delivers it. Completely unisex, Ta gives your skin that lightly sun-kissed aura without ever being sweet or soothing about it. Instead, Ta sets you on fire. So if you are feeling blue or foggy, this is your scent du jour.

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    3 out of 5

    I’m overdosing on this one…More than likely i’ll be in rehab one day…Just to think, not too long ago i thought Pregoni was overrated…Either he’s wildly inconsistent or the joke is definitely on me. Ta is out of this world good! Although this isn’t similar in smell to Sadanne from Slumberhouse, it has that same slightly palsy walsy vibe to it except here it’s a little bit more grown up(thanks to the cedar and moss). Ta opens with a big burst of what seems like a Now and Later berry. The fruit is mostly present within the first 10min but then the mentholated and somewhat fluoride sensation of tuberose kicks in high gear leaving your skin smelling like a minty tree bark. Ta teases with each note displaying it’s greatness for a limited time but then transforms to a totally different genre with each style being very likable to my nose. The masculine drydown is devoid of any trace of melons and berries. The fruity notes are instead substituted with aromas akin to a forest floor filled with twigs, branches, and tree vines. Finally, a fruity fragrance that i can comfortably recommend to males.

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    5 out of 5

    Yay! I’m the first! This is an odd one, but in a good way in my opinion! I love creative perfumes.
    So, you get this beautiful, sweet strawberry with a light melon. Not the teeny bopper or bath and body works melon. It’s a grown up melon . There’s a certain raspy “voiced” or scratchy background, which is definitely coming from the laurel. Laurel plants are known for having a grape soda smell. Genius plant right?
    No , it’s not a fruity perfume at all . It’s all very adult . Think light fruit with spice, spice being the cedar .
    I’m very impressed by the creativity in this scent ! I’m very drawn to it. Definitely worth a sniff!

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