I’m Sorry 对不起 RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室

I'm Sorry 对不起 RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室

I’m Sorry 对不起 RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室

I’m Sorry 对不起 RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室 for women and men of RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室

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For everything in life, there are limits and boundaries. Exercising restraint is merely one of the many natural laws we eventually learn to abide by. However, there are times when a person may feel that he cannot restrain himself anymore and that is when mistakes happen. There are angry words that should not have been spoken and actions that should not have been taken.

In life, there are five main aspects that we face – marriage and family, friendships and happiness, life and death, ethics and culture, and economics and politics.

In our friendships and happiness, it is sometimes too easy to flare up and be at loggerheads with our family members or our dearest friends. After we spend innumerable amounts of time with each other, our fallible human nature means that friction easily develops. If this is not addressed, hurt and resentment can arise on both sides and may affect our relationships adversely in the long run.

As long as anger, indignation, hurt and disappointment exists between the conflicting parties, things can never return to status quo. Hence, whenever there exists a dispute or disappointment between friends, it is important for each person to express “I’m sorry” sincerely.

This apology is not for oneself but is done as an act of love to the other party to show that the closeness of the relationship is very much treasured. I’m Sorry 对不起 was launched in 2014.


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I'm Sorry 对不起 RE CLASSIFIED RE调香室

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