Oud Luwak Areej Le Doré

Oud Luwak Areej Le Doré

Oud Luwak Areej Le Doré for women and men of Areej Le Doré

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“Oud perfume featuring the finest aspects of authentic, rare wild oud from Papua New Guinea. 

From top to base, the composition of Oud Luwak is built around wild agarwood, capturing its otherworldly beauty and unmatchable complexity. Each ingredient emphasizes the different nuances and aspects of this rare material, particularly focusing on the dark balsamic, rich earthy and gently baked aroma. Thick, dark, smoky, regal and masculine, Oud Luwak captures some of the well known ingredients extracted and presented by Russian Adam, in a truly unique design. This perfume dances around the pure oud oil, Maroke Noir, with its dark, dry, earthy, incense-laden and coffee-like overtones. One of a kind, exclusive and innovative top quality Sumatran sinking agarwood chip infusion, produced by Russian Adam, is placed at the top of this composition, giving it an unparalleled, deep smoky opening that is reminiscent of precious oud wood, burning on a red charcoal that is covered with a thick layer of ash. Dense, smooth and refined oud smoke resides in one of the most complex and rich coffee extracts. Famous for being amongst the most expensive coffees in the world, Indonesian Kopi Luwak (civet cat coffee) was extracted by Russian Adam, capturing one of the smoothest, richest, most complex coffee aromas imaginable. A fusion of burning oud and deep coffee Luwak open gently, guiding the wearer to the heart notes, where the main player graciously resides. Wild agarwood oil from Papua New Guinea is displayed here, in all of its smooth, dark, earthy, incense-filled glory. It is one of the most uncommon and unusual ouds that can be experienced today. Totally lacking any dirty barnyard character, it is full of soothing, resinous, dry, loamy, almost cola-like nuances. The secret of its dark, mysterious soul is the fact that this type of agarwood is derived from old, fallen trees that were buried long ago, and only recently unearthed. A gentle touch of Indian oud adds a mature, funky whisper in the background of the composition. Its masculine, dry woody tone contributes an amazing oriental twist to the balsamic, incensy Marokeoud. The base is brimming with smoky Texas cedar, balsamic and chocolaty Indonesian vetiver absolute and sweet, boozy benzoin. Experience the full glory of unique wild Papua New Guinea oud, blended in the best traditions of Oud Zen, Oud Picante and Russian Oud, in this original creation that is Oud Luwak.” – a note from the brand.

Oud Luwak was launched in 2018.


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Oud Luwak Areej Le Doré

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