Ca’ Luna Acqua di Biella

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Ca' Luna Acqua di Biella

Ca’ Luna Acqua di Biella

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

Ca’ Luna Acqua di Biella for women and men of Acqua di Biella

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Ca’ Luna presents the refuge of dreams, memories and ambitions, a site of exalting love. It preserves and reminds of old traditions handed down from generation to generation. On the sunlit terrace the seasons of life’s rituals flow sweetly. Magnificently adorned with fragrant flowers, geraniums, old palm trees, massive aloe plants, Ca’ Luna lets one see the passage of time though its old walls, covered in lichen and silver-toned ivy. The nights at Ca’ Luna, enchanting, silent, adorned by the sound of distant bells and the wind, the moonlight penetrating each room in a slivery shadow, divine.

It is composed of galbanum fennel, mastic tree, ivy in the top; white pepper, elemi, rum in the heart; and sandalwood, leather, musk in the base.

It comes in simply lined, but elegant 100ml (3.4 oz.fl.) bottle with aquamarine label with its name and, of course, the coat of Savoia.
The perfume was launched in 2007.
The nose behind this fragrance is Maurizio Cerizza.

4 reviews for Ca’ Luna Acqua di Biella

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    4 out of 5

    Could be my imagination, but I swear I smell a big hit of alpha isomethyl ionone blended with an equally generous dose of cis 3-hexenol, and just a touch of coumarin. There’s definitely a sandalwood synthetic in the mix too, sort of a lightened version of the original Grey Flannel’s sandalwood note.
    Ca Luna is a clear-cut example of how detrimental to perfume comprehension a strict adherence to note pyramids can be – the notes cited here, which were either from Acqua di Biella or from user votes, are perhaps in the ballpark, but not necessarily reflective of what this fragrance smells like. I get the smooth, clear ivy note impression, but there’s a definite depth to its greenness that borders on being “purple” and noticeably sweet. It reminds me of Grey Flannel and Green Irish Tweed, except it’s fresher, lighter, and arguably simpler than those two scents. I really like the violet-green effect, and how it is ensconced in a brisk, soapy greenness, but I’m not so sure it holds up well against the other scents I’ve mentioned.
    This is how Eau de Grey Flannel should have smelled, but EdGF costs $3 an ounce, and Acqua di Biella is considerably more expensive. It gets a bit peppery from the elemi as it dries down, and at the two hour mark the Grey Flannel association is all but gone, and replaced by an approximation of Oscar for Men. That’s a good thing (Oscar is a good scent), but for the money . . . not so much. Try it and see. It’s a weird one, reminiscent of very nice (and relatively cheap) masculines, but you may find it has little if anything new to offer.

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    5 out of 5

    If ever a house carried a definitive signature it’s Acqua di Biella and Ca Luna is no different.
    So similar to the rest of the line but different in so many ways this is a super delicate blend of resins doesn’t come off as heavy at all. Ca Luna has a clean shaving soap vibe with does evoke a masculine, barbershop type feel while having a slightly herbal quality and greeness. This is a perfect mixture and comes together well and pretty suited to my skin like Baraja was. Every note mentioned here is in such harmonious balance that it’s hard to pick out individuals the Ivy note is interesting and natural then mastic, galbanum and pepper at the heart with musk and sandalwood in the base.
    It’s nice, really nice and I’d wear it.
    not sure I need it though…maybe a couple more wears and I’ll be sold on it.

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    4 out of 5

    “Ca Luna” is clearly a male fragrance, from the barber shop opening accompanied with loads of simply marvelous ivy, trough the dry down filled with fresh smelling sandalwood.
    I will not praise it as the previous reviewer did, because on my skin except from ivy I didn’t get anything unique or overly good quality wise. First, I didn’t get any leather, the heart was dominated by green accords of ivy and elemi (lovely combo, btw) and very soon it settled to fresh/clean musk/sandalwood base. Silage was rather close to skin after 1 hour mark (and I did put on like 6 sprays). Nevertheless I could still feel it 9 hours later with almost no problem.
    So, this is worth a try if you love ivy. It simply shines here, even after the 9 hours I feel the green and spicy bitterness of it. I really think this will suit male skin better, but a female might pull this off if she is not scared of smelling a bit “old school masculine”.

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    3 out of 5

    “Ca Luna” is a truly excellent perfume – a ‘hidden gem’ – from the sophisticated Italian house, Acqua di Biella whose entire range is well worth trying and I am surprised that no one has reviewed this till now.
    I remember first trying this delight in the heat of one of the great cities, Austin, Texas, a few years ago (thanks ‘T’) and marveled at how aromatic, masculine, long-lasting, and ‘old-fashioned’ it smelled as it appeared to have an almost oily edge to it, as opposed to the current trend of ‘masculines’ towards drier, bonier, synthetic presentations. Initially it seemed quite linear with a cedar-rich accord that made me wonder if it would further develop, though 30 minutes later revealed itself as a treasure-trove of subtle olfactory delight that demanded re-sniffing.
    Re-visiting “Ca Luna” in 2013 makes me happy, and I am put me in mind of two late-70s landmark perfumes: firstly, as a gentler variation of the dense “Nino Cerrutti, For Men” and, secondly, the ‘fresh’ chypre structure of the unforgettable Bernard Chant gem, “Aramis Devin”. However, I believe “Ca Luna” also to share similarities with two of the greatest (aromatic fougere) perfumes ever made IMHO: Dior’s vintage “Fahrenheit” without the intense balsamic sweetness and classic Cossack-leather chord and, in a less floral way, the unbelievable genius that was vintage “Insense” by Givenchy.
    With its strong but not over-powering projection and good silage, this is a smart, elegant perfume that behaves very reliably as a ‘go-to’ offering appropriate suitability for both work and play.
    Highly recommended.

Ca' Luna Acqua di Biella

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