Her Money Liquid Money

Her Money Liquid Money

Her Money Liquid Money

Her Money Liquid Money for women of Liquid Money

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Liquid Money is a new project by the former Microsoft vice president Patrick McCarthy, which includes the launch of a masculine and a feminine “cash fragrance” – Her Money and His Money. “The nose” Larry Murrison helped developing the fragrances.

According to McCarthy, the smell of money motivates and enhances self-confidence. He was inspired by a Japanese study that showed that workers are more productive when their environment is “inserted” with the smell of money.

Her Money is a bold, soft and unforgettable smell of success. The composition begins with fresh minted dollar bills. Sparkling pink grapefruit and tangerines are developed later, joined by notes of freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flowers and melon.

Both fragrances are packaged in boxes filled with shredded US dollar bills ($ 20) at the price of 35 of them.

It is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

Her Money was launched in 2011.


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Her Money Liquid Money

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