Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra

4.00 из 5
(2 отзывов)

Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra

Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra for women of Companhia da Terra

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Aguas de Verao Damas by Companhia da Terra is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women. Aguas de Verao Damas was launched in 1976. The nose behind this fragrance is Ricardo Penafiel Malta. Top notes are galbanum, rosemary and violet; middle notes are coriander, cinnamon, leather, narcissus, hyacinth and orris; base notes are cypress, benzoin, civet, patchouli, moss, musk and white amber.

2 reviews for Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra

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    5 out of 5

    Among the scents that have Companhia da Terra and I’ve come to know, Summer Water Checkers is the most volatile and controversial Brazilian very natural perfumery house, according to their gender labeling for the market of perfumery. It is a serious perfume, and that in my view does not refer so much to see, not to be locked and loaded in notes that make it highly dry, dour and Orientalized. I must say that in the opening it more masculine reveals that women, at least to my nostrils, and my skin, already opens smelling of violets and something male resin that even edge at such compartilhabilidade, will soon thought to male, period. Then he follows through floral, but with leather notes quite eminent and more nuances of cinnamon sticks, mixed with something sour that I can not tell if it’s pepper, but I know that is male and bearded. Towards the end it becomes hyper rustic and even more masculine, with a cheirozão of dried oak moss, heavy crude Musk, the so-bushbuck, but here surely must be one developed in the laboratory, giving that ardidozinho odor nuisance and oil medium something green giving off a characteristic smell of sap and some note again resinous giving a “Aloka”, which would be easily missed at this stage. It is a difficult fragrance to use and follows the line of the female perfumões that have mustaches and piss standing, perfumes that have chops and speak in the tone of Ana Carolina and dress like Ellen DeGeneres, is well out there! Good luck to those who submit.
    Word of the day: testosterone… (day 96)

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    3 out of 5

    I met the fragrances of this House when I created a partnership through my Brazilian website of perfume reviews. And it was a real adventure unravel all of them, without having access to the official notes, even having direct contact with the owner of the company. And the result was wonderful because he loved reading my reviews and complimented me on most of them. Therefore, I will copy the translated reviews below, as they were written and published at the time.
    Very similar to the version made for gentlemen, however, enriched with floral notes that give a more feminine touch, this scent is a dry-floral-powdery bomb, with excellent projection and lasting. For those couples who like to combine even their scents, this duo is infallible. And for those women who love strong, floral and dry scents, in the Chanel n° 5 style, the House created this fragrance. The output (when the scent resembles more the male version) is very floral, with nuances that I refer to the ylang-ylang and neroli. As the evolution begins and the initial aroma starts giving place to the heart part, the scent becomes drier, with something that reminds me of violet or Iris root, besides jasmine, Lily of the Valley and rose. Finally, a drier base with nuances of musk, amber and patchouli (to my nose).
    A classic for classic women!

Aguas de Verao Damas Companhia da Terra

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