Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez

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Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez for men of Adolfo Dominguez



Adolfo Dominguez, launched in 1990, is a private, elegant and authentic men’s cologne. Top notes: lavender, basil, clary sage, juniper berries and pineapple. Heart: geranium, orange blossom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and mint. Base: cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, amber and musk.

Available as EDT of 40 and 75 ml.

2 reviews for Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez

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    4 out of 5

    Adolfo Dominguez opens sharp but soft. I can first smell most of the herbs in the fragrance and the pineapple. Also lurking from the beginning is the center of the fragrance, the cinnamon. So, initially this is a bit sweet and herbaceous and this dies down to a warmer fragrance. A reviewer on another website made a good point about pencil shavings. The heart of this does smell a little bit like fresh pencil shavings, but I find that enjoyable. It’s as if someone put some pencil shavings in a small batch of cinnamon and nutmeg. So, what I mostly get from AD is cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, perhaps with a bit of mint and orange flower. When the fragrance dies down, it turns into a sweet wood, musk and vetiver. Very nice! Almost 25 years old and still around. It doesn’t smell aged or dated, like some fragrances from the 90’s do. It’s still very wearable imho.

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    5 out of 5

    Muy parecida a Agua Fresca de Adolfo Dominguez. Aquella tuvo mucha más aceptación y pienso que por eso ahora esta, se encuentre descatalogada. Muy elegante y sobria. Pero me sigue gustando más Agua Fresca.

Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez

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