1903 J. Peterman

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1903 J. Peterman

1903 J. Peterman

Rated 4.20 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

1903 J. Peterman for men of J. Peterman

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1903 by J. Peterman is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Top notes are citruses, bergamot and green notes; middle notes are clary sage and cardamom; base notes are leather, labdanum, elemi, tobacco and olibanum.

5 reviews for 1903 J. Peterman

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    5 out of 5

    This is a well kept secret…of course, here I am, putting it out on front street. On me, this evolves very quickly into a luxurious warm, soft, uber masculine, subtly sweetened fougere type smell. It has just the right amount of everything…cardamom, leather, tobacco, labdanum. It reminds me of a scent I had in the late eighties that I bought from a street vendor in one of those hand decanted vials. I loved it, and until now, have never been able to find a scent that had similar qualities. It has the same feeling (not smell) of Narciso’s parfum oil for men. It is soft, kind of heady and thick, dare I say sexy in its aroma. The labdanum is in perfect balance, as sometimes that can be an overwhelming accord.
    When I first reviewed this, I made a mistake by saying this had almost a musky ambergris type smell…I really meant texture. Ambergris always gives me a bulbous type soft texture, and there is nothing overpowering about this creation. I am with Odie in saying this is one of my absolute favorites. If you know Odie, and you knew how many bottles I own (500+), then you would understand that two people who have both smelled so many perfumes, coming to agree that this fragrance is tops, is saying something worth noting.
    Anyway, if you cant tell, I love this. But make no mistake, this is for the mature men out there. There is no ” beast mode” in this bottle. If that is what you are looking for, “Move along, these are not the notes you are looking for.”

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    4 out of 5

    This is my favorite cologne! It is the most universally wearable cologne in my collection. I absolutely love it!
    It’s the balance of ingredients. It isn’t long lasting in the conventional sense; it drys down within minutes to a skin scent, but it’s beautiful at each stage of it;s development.
    It isn’t an attractant, it’s an intimate expression of sophistication to share with a loved one

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    4 out of 5

    1903 has been my uncle’s signature scent for at least a decade. The first time I smelled it on him I knew I had to have it – he noted my interest and “forgot” his bottle when he left for home. Good memories…1903 has had a spot in my wardrobe ever since.
    The description on the website is definitely Seinfeld-worthy…but the scent is seriously good. It opens with a citrus blast that almost gives it a classic barbershop feel before it moves through a nice woody middle to settle into a spicy leather drydown that is truly the star of this one. Decent (4-6 hours) longevity and good projection and sillage – 1903 always garners multiple compliments. This would be a huge seller with wider distribution but as it stands it’s a nice secret to be in on.

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    4 out of 5

    A burst of fresh, clean mountain air transforms into intriguing spices, tobacco and leather. Like putting on a crisp white shirt and walking into your oak-panelled library that’s filled with rare books and green plants.
    According to J. Peterman, 1903 is a fragrance re-discovered by chance: “I was browsing in a Paris antique shop one winter afternoon when a fitted leather train case caught my eye. It contained a bottle encased in yew-wood with a handwritten date: 1903. Inside the bottle there was still the faint aroma of a gentleman’s cologne. Custom-made for a rich traveler a century ago. Curiosity was eating at me. I bought the case and sent the bottle to a laboratory for analysis. They broke down the residue by gas chromatography. Identified its fingerprint through spectrophotometry.
    “The report said: an old woody fougère. Clean citrus notes, bergamot, green notes. The middle notes: clary sage, cardamom. The dry-down: leather notes, smoky labdanum, elemi, tabac, frankincense.”
    There’s also a subtle animalic quality up-close. One wit described it as the essence of soaping up and washing down a prized horse, saddle and all. (Although I would say this applies more to the shaving cream of the same name.)
    Fit for a modern gentleman who appreciates classic style. Versatile enough for all but the most formal occassions: business, casual, dating. Wearability: every season. A first class fragrance that’s surprisingly affordable.

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    4 out of 5

    Is it really the replacement for Dunhill Edition? The opening is a very sweet but surprisingly organic wood with sharp spices. It has some of the soapiness of DE, but because the spices aren’t as smooth, the soap connection is weaker. The leafy, live character of the wood reminds me of that aspect of Burberry London, even though they aren’t too similar beyond that. Later on, it starts to resemble potpourri a bit more as the spices mellow out and lose astringence. Perhaps some of this is also from an apple cider note, as if taken from Michael Kors? For the most part, I’m intrigued by how this brew splits the difference between the stronger, dryer 80s wood scents and the exotic but very sweet spice scents that I find so fascinating (Eau Lente, Maharadjah, Tea for Two?). Still, the base has a cold, waxy, concrete grayness (violet, I suspect, as in Narciso Rodriguez) that makes it all a bit impenetrable and stubborn, and slightly dated. Overall, definitely worth a try, though I’m not using it to replace my Dunhill Edition.

1903 J. Peterman

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