Mr. Sillage Alexandria Fragrances

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Mr. Sillage Alexandria Fragrances

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Mr. Sillage Alexandria Fragrances for men of Alexandria Fragrances

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The best things in this world are timeless, enduring forever: music, memories, and fragrances tied to emotions. Mr. Sillage opens the doors to the immortal and eternal with its gorgeous and breathtaking blend of tonka bean and ancient myrrh, a sweet, powdery, rich, and resinous recipe found in the most ancient records of luxury scents. This stunning aroma is further enhanced with a comforting base of almonds, vanilla, and lavender. Leave behind a legacy in the sillage trail of this otherworldly fragrance..

Mr. Sillage is lovingly named after and dedicated to Chris Georgio, a well-known name in the fragrance community who was among the first supporters of Alexandria Fragrances, and who passed away unexpectedly on August 3, 2018. This fragrance, so loved by Chris, is a limited edition of 50 bottles (30ml each), and all of the non-shipping revenue from these sales will go directly to his family.

Top notes: lavender
Middle notes: myrrh
Base notes: almond, tonka bean, vanilla

The nose behind this fragrance is Hany Hafez.

2 reviews for Mr. Sillage Alexandria Fragrances

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    5 out of 5

    This is a great tribute to a fallen member of the community. This inspiration of Myrrh and Tonka is a powerhouse of a fall/winter scent. I purchased this on release and had to allow it settle for 4 weeks. Once i did, it became its name. SILLAGE was HUGE. I got a “OPEN THE WINDOW” from my wife on 4 sprays. BTW, she loves it, but it was filling the house. Longevity is 8+ hours.

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    5 out of 5

    Mr Sillage. A tribute to a great man and a great reviewer. Gone too soon. The fragrance that inspired this was Mr Sillage’s favorite fragrance…Jo Malone Myrhh and Tonka.
    It opens with a strong incense with some sweet tonka bean. Then the vanilla comes in. I don’t get much of the almond, but I imagine it is there with the underlying creaminess underneath the myrhh, tonka, and vanilla.
    I get about 10 hours out of it. 3-4 hours of projection.
    I cannot vouch as to how much it smells like the Jo Malone since I have not smelled that one. All I can say is this fragrance is a beautiful and fitting tribute to a fantastic human being.

Mr. Sillage Alexandria Fragrances

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