002 Alexa Lixfeld

002 Alexa Lixfeld

002 Alexa Lixfeld

002 Alexa Lixfeld for men of Alexa Lixfeld

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“I produce culture” stated Alexa Lixfeld, who has recently introduced her collection which encompasses three unusual fragrances – 001, 002, and 003. The flacons hiding these fragrances are made of transparent glass, while their caps are made of concrete coloured in various nuances of grey.

002 is a unique, natural fragrance which evokes fresh air intertwining with sandalwood. Precious woody notes from east India, cedar, patchouli and vetiver blend with balmy nuances of fir tree, tonka, vanilla and benzoin. Refreshing notes are represented by carrot seed and jasmine.

Fragrances 001,002 and 003 are available as 30ml EDP. 002 was launched in 2010.


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002 Alexa Lixfeld

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