Aloha Khaltat

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Aloha Khaltat

Aloha Khaltat

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Aloha Khaltat for women and men of Khaltat

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Aloha by Khaltat is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features coconut, jasmine and tonka bean.

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    5 out of 5

    Review by Anais Nin (4/13/2018)
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    Aloha is Hawaiian love. Aloha is welcome, affection and fondness, a Love of kindness and precious emotions. Such a sweet and refreshing Love needs a unique scent. With a top note of Coconut, an intensely tropical note with lush, sweet, milky nuances, this sweet Love blooms. The heart note is Vanilla, a sweet, powdery and comforting scent that feels like home, mixing pleasantly with the balsamic, woody fragrance of Agarwood to complete the fragrance of a sweet Love story.
    Top Note: Coconut
    Heart: Vanilla
    Base: Agarwood
    I have the 6ml bottle, when I first apply the oil on my skin I smell a blend of rich oud, vanilla, clean warm amber, a hint of spices. After some time the oil spreads and warms, I sense that the coconut is hidden by these overpowering notes. Aloha has a warm Oriental style, I smell so much of the clean, warm, woody, resinous oud note with a vanilla-like accord for support and the coconut helps to break up the oud and add a sweet and creamy tone to the fragrance.
    I will revise my review when I test this oil some more.

Aloha Khaltat

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