Tetu JoAnne Bassett

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Tetu JoAnne Bassett

Tetu JoAnne Bassett

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Tetu JoAnne Bassett for women and men of JoAnne Bassett

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I named my perfume Exotic Nights. I shared it with Ida Meister and she thought it should be Têtu. Because I have French heritage and it means stubborn. Thank you Ida Meister for the name and thank you Monica Miller for helping me change the name before it was published…

Têtu means stubborn in French. Têtu is a headstrong and passionate fragrance. This aphrodisiac is created with patchouli, sultry vintage jasmine, sensual rose centifolia, amber, and smoky notes. It is a musky, spicy, and sexy number that is absolutely brilliant and outrageous.

Notes: Vintage Patchouli, vintage jasmine, sensual rose centifolia, amber, and smoky notes with a citrus lift. Vanilla absolute and cocoa absolute add to the gourmand quality. With nine base notes this fragrance lasts all day and into your exotic night. 24 natural botanicals in all. Tetu was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is JoAnne Bassett.

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    5 out of 5

    This is an interesting presentation of patchouli: Tetu opens smokey and bittersweet, reminds me the scent of a french plum; cocoa is dry here, more noticeable in the dry-down. This is an unusual balmy and incensy patchouli, very potent fragrance.

Tetu JoAnne Bassett

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