Sarab Anfas

Sarab Anfas

Sarab Anfas

Sarab Anfas for women and men of Anfas

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Anfass is a niche luxurious perfume house which found inspiration in its place of birth – United Arab Emirates, reflecting the luxurious lifestyle of the Emirates and everyday process to the modern future.

Since the very beginning ANFASS project has been uniting the main aspects in a single whole by creating modern fragrances with a retrospect of excellent vintage master-pieces if Arabic perfumery by promoting them in luxurious and attractive manner.

Vintage: Originality and uniqueness of traditional Arabic perfumes has always been inspiration for creating extraordinary fragrances which would reflect both its classic and modern face.

Luxuries: Anfass is meticulous about each detail and strives to design top quality products with charming performance, sophisticated texture and long-lasting scent with the wish to satisfy and please the passionate fan of perfumes who selects quality, elegance and longevity of the scent itself.

Attractive: Products of the Anfass collection attract attention in attractive way and win the hearts of customers while initiating their emotions in charming way.

The collection of ANFASS contains six extraordinary fragrances each of which has a story on its own… Anfass composition are signed by owner and founder of the house of Anfass – Asim Al Qassim and Christian Carbonnel (Carbonnel Parfums – Barcelona, Spain).


Life in the heart of Arabic desert invites for visualization of mirage we are searching for and wish to be taken to magnificent oases, but we can’t find them anywhere in the depth of mysterious deserts…
Mirage Sarab which never ends…


bergamot, grapefruit, green mandarin
ginger, cedar
vetiver, patchouli

Fragrances of Anfass collection are arriving in elegant black flacons with stylish cap shaped like metal flower. The are available in the area of the Middle East, as 100ml Eau de Parfum. They were presented exclusively in Paris Gallery stores in UAE! Sarab was launched in 2014.


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Sarab Anfas

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