Red Our Modern Lives

Red Our Modern Lives

Red Our Modern Lives

Red Our Modern Lives for women and men of Our Modern Lives

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Indie perfumery 4160Tuesdays has developed a new fragrance collection, Our Modern Lives – seven 100% natural botanical fragrances, and two 100% gentle synthetic skin scents.

They’ve been created as a result of perfumer Sarah McCartney’s 21 year yoga practise, and requests from her customers. The naturals come in 10ml roll-ons and 50ml spray bottles at eau de parfum strength, and as light eau fraiche body and room fragrances.

The synthetics are long lasting skin scents which everyone can wear, even the unfortunate one in a thousand people who are allergic to something found in perfume. Each of the botanicals is allocated a colour and a mood, from Sunrise – citrus fruits with coffee – to Into the Night – deep dark indigo sensuality. The synthetics, OML α and OML β, are soft, neutral fragrances.

Perfumer Sarah McCartney says: “For me, the best fragrances combine the depth and complexity of naturals with the staying power and texture of synthetics. After listening to our customers, I’ve separated them out so you can wear just the naturals, the synthetics, or both together.”

Red – Harvest – Gratitude: A sense of security, nature’s bounty, reaping what we sow. Materials include: hay absolute, Turkish rose absolute, raspberry leaf absolute, oakwood CO2 extract, hazelnut CO2 extract, labdanum, wine essential oil, davana essential oil, pink peppercorn CO2 absolute.

Assortiment: 9m EDP, 50ml EDP, 100ml body and room spray.


Red was launched in 2017.


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Red Our Modern Lives

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