Mimi Koto Parfums

Mimi Koto Parfums

Mimi Koto Parfums

Mimi Koto Parfums for women of Koto Parfums

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Koto Parfums is a French brand known for their fragrances designed for children. They present the new fragrance inspired by the Japanese dolls Kimmidoll and Kimmi Junior Doll, which draw inspiration from the Japanese Kokeshi dolls from the 19th century.

In cooperation with Drom Fragrance International, Koto Parfums launches three stylish dolls: Lily, Mimi and Niki, which bear three different compositions. The fragrances will be offered in bottles of 50 ml EDT and available in sets with a matching scarf. The perfume is also delivered with decorative stickers so that girls can easily play and customize their perfume.

Mimi fragrance is designed by Corinne Cachen, and offered as a fruity-floral cocktail of mandarin, lemon, black currant, peony, green tea, white peach, candied violet, white wood raspberry, vanilla and white musk. Mimi was launched in 2011.


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Mimi Koto Parfums

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