Mediterra The World In Scents

Mediterra The World In Scents

Mediterra The World In Scents

Mediterra The World In Scents for women and men of The World In Scents

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“The inspiration for Mediterra will be obvious to anyone who has visited the Almafi Coast in Italy. It has been ten years since I visited there, but over that two-week period I developed an inspiration for a fragrance that defined the region, and it  remained in my olfactory memory until I had the opportunity to recreate it. Now you have that same opportunity to experience those same olfactory sensations that I did ten years ago. 

In this fragrance you will find the Mediterranean Ocean, fresh salty air, lush citrus groves and other indigenous vegetation found in the Mediterranean countries. This fragrance hinges on the interplay of natural ingredients such as yuzu (pomelo), olive absolute, cognac, peach, neroli, immortelle and mastic. I also included seaweed as a bottom note, because it’s found washed up onto not only Mediterranean shores, but onto shores around the world. It shows up faintly in the drydown, so you won’t be smelling like beached seaweed in public.

Mediterra is the brightest fragrance of my first five releases in the Reconnaissance Collection, but it is one of my favorites because it evokes fond memories of a wonderful vacation, a happy and careless time and a renewed love for my wife. I can only hope that Mediterra has the same open air, blissful and loving feeling for you that I experienced, as I created this fragrance specifically for that reason.” – a note from the brand.

Mediterra was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Mark St Marie.


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Mediterra The World In Scents

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