Lost In The City Miller Harris

Lost In The City Miller Harris

Lost In The City Miller Harris

Lost In The City Miller Harris for women and men of Miller Harris

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Miller Harris presents the new collection FORAGE in 2018 .

“From the city’s rooftops to the hidden, lush green spaces of the capital, London perfumers Miller Harris have scoured the furthest reaches and hidden enclaves of the urban landscape to bring together HIDDEN (on the Rooftops), LOST (in the City) and WANDER (through the Parks), three innovative and highly evocative fragrances inspired by the concept of urban foraging.”

Miller Harris Lost in the City is a tantalizing fragrance with floral facets. “Ferns force their way through walls and concrete, their green intensity splashing vibrantly against the grey backdrop of buildings. In LOST, this intense verdancy is contrasted with the sharp pink snap of wild rhubarb, making the senses fizz.”

Top: Bergamot Zest, Angelica Seed, Blackcurrant
Heart: Rhubarb, Rose petals, Geranium
Base: Earl Grey Tea, Crisp Amber, Musk

Available as a 50 and 100 ml EDP. 

The nose behind this fragrance is Mathieu Nardin.


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Lost In The City Miller Harris

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