#flowerpower Ramon Monegal

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#flowerpower Ramon Monegal

#flowerpower Ramon Monegal

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(1 customer review)

#flowerpower Ramon Monegal for women and men of Ramon Monegal

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“The most mythical myth of hippie culture on the island. A psychedelic trip brought by brightly coloured flowers of an indefinite smell. Flowers that do not exist, but that hopelessly attract you and invite you to discover the very essence of your Bohemian soul. Along with the addictively provocative patchouli, these flowers are the secret elixir of the disinhibiting power of the island.” – Ramon Monegal

#flowerpower was launched in 2018.

1 review for #flowerpower Ramon Monegal

  1. :

    5 out of 5

    Supermarket nylon bag!
    All i get is that used nylon bag, and i believe it’s the combination of the pepper, sandalwood, & gardenia with bits of magnolia. The vanilla peony is mixed up quite harsh that they formed something quite sticky and artificially sweet made.
    This is quite synthetic and very cheap. I had HUGE hope for this one but it just turned to be something that i wouldn’t want to be around. Awfully put.

#flowerpower Ramon Monegal

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