1981X Alexandria Fragrances

4.00 из 5
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1981X Alexandria Fragrances

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

1981X Alexandria Fragrances for women and men of Alexandria Fragrances

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“A classy and elegant business man just closed a multi-million dollar deal and takes his private yacht to the islands of Sicily to celebrate his triumph and achievement right there in the heart of the Mediterranean with all of its breathtaking scenery seascapes and all the beauties it has to offer. 1981X opens up with an opulent sun-kissed lemon and bergamot, mildly sweetened with lush jasmine. This is when freshly squeezed golden honey drops are left to fall on top of the heavenly concoction to add more delightful sweetness before it is all laid down to gently rest on heaps of raw green fine tobacco leaves creating a sense indulging, and invigorating exquisite blend of aromatic harmony.” – a note from the brand.

1981X was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Hany Hafez.

3 reviews for 1981X Alexandria Fragrances

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    3 out of 5

    I just ordered decants of Hafez 1984 and 1981X….I’m hopped up to get my nose on these guys….

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    5 out of 5

    This was gifted to me as well, and I’m happy to say that it performs as well, if not better than Naxos. The dry down is immaculate, and very long lasting. It is versatile in my opinion, but is probably best reserved for the night time, in a fall or winter weather. Initial spray is a sweet honey with a hint of tobacco, but it dries down into a balance of tobacco, vanilla, and honey to me. It is sensual enough to be worn during a date night, but reserved enough for the office, as long as you are light on the trigger. overall a very good fragrance and for the price, it cannot be beaten.
    I rate it a 8.5/10

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    4 out of 5

    This was gifted to me by Alexandria Fragrances when I bought Dark Knight… Totally unexpected but definitely appreciated! This stuff is amazing! I do not know what the real juice smells like… BUT Dark Knight smells exactly like Black Phantom… so I would bet this smells exactly like Xerjoff Naxos. Pleased customer here.

1981X Alexandria Fragrances

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