03 Century Odin

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03 Century Odin

Rated 4.57 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings
(21 customer reviews)

03 Century Odin for women and men of Odin

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03 Century is a modern interpretation of the classic chypre perfume group. Complex in its structure, but simple in its character, it includes aromas of silver birch, cypress, wild mint, and various woody notes.

Top notes: silver birch, cypress and forest mint. Heart: smoky vetiver, liquid myrrh and subtle patchouli. Base: black musk, oak moss and dry amber.

Available as 100 ml EDT. 03 Century was launched in 2009. The nose behind this fragrance is Kevin Verspoor.

21 reviews for 03 Century Odin

  1. :

    5 out of 5

    Its sweet,creamy, Smokey, oily and warm. If it was a little less sweet I could see myself buying a full bottle but for now i will stick to my decant. It’s cozy and suits the colder weather.

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    5 out of 5

    Got a bag of sample sizes of fragrances featuring myrrh and this was one of the last I’ve tried, and even though to me wasn’t that promising on the opening (I don’t like a lot of what other people do in scents), I love the way it is drying down and can’t stop smelling myself. Like others said a bit resinous, a touch of vanilla, but the other components make it balanced and not too sweet.

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    5 out of 5

    Utilizing the ancient island of Cyprus as inspiration, ’03 Century’ from Odin is a modern riff on the classical chypre fragrance architecture. It opens unexpectedly with woody and herbal notes (replacing the traditional citrus accord) of silver birch, cypress and mint. The effect is elusive and mysterious, drawing the nose closer to further evaluate. Balancing the evergreen and woody notes, the sweeter facets of mint offer a reprieve. Vetiver, myrrh, and patchouli impart an earthy, resinous, and dank sensation to the composition, which is further amplified by the similar notes of the base. Myrrh is used here with restraint, so as not to imbue the fragrance too incense-laden or ecclesiastical. Dark musks, oak moss, and amber conclude ’03 Century’ on a somber and reverential tone. It is here in the dry down that oak moss’s woody, sharp, and slightly sweet scent is most prominently displayed.
    The composition as a whole is fairly linear, yet smells complex in its crafting. The lighter tiered opening accord lasts all but too briefly, lending way for the sinking depths of the far more dark and foreboding mid and basenotes. As it includes no citrus or floral notes, ’03 Century’ feels heavy and encumbered, crying out for something light or airy to allow it to breathe. I’m hard pressed to imagine women wearing this “unisex” fragrance with its intensely masculine edge, though some may appreciate its melancholic facets a welcome change from the redundant fruity-floral perfumes of today. As an “eau de parfum”, sillage and projection are average while longevity sits somewhere between average and above average. ’03 Century’ seems best suited for nighttime wearing, where the woody/smokiness of the scent befits a nocturnal setting. Not my favorite of the Odin New York’s fragrance collection, but certainly a unique scent for one to try.
    Read my complete review along with many others at my personal fragrance blog

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    5 out of 5

    It’s so strange to see so many bad reviews for this. Got it in a large package of samples and tested them for a couple of months on and off. Seylon and Amanu were the two that I liked the most but Century was like catnip to my significant other. Wore it to a movie date and during the previews they were rubbing their face all over my sleeve telling me how amazing I smelled. All throughout the movie and dinner they kept as close to me as humanly as possible and I could even smell it on myself on the way home.
    For this reason alone, I ended up getting a full bottle and whenever I’m at a smaller bar or lounge I get asked what I’m wearing. Maybe it just worked well with my body chemistry.

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    5 out of 5

    a sweet, dainty woodsy-floral offering from odin…
    it’s quite delicate on opening, and then slowly progresses to mature into a buttery (labdamum or amber i assume) and floral scent.
    whilst it doesn’t develope too much past that, it is quite nice, but it doesn’t do enough for me. no knock-out punch, so to speak. still, give it a try and see for yourself…

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    5 out of 5

    first you will feel sweet scent and little smokey
    the status is creamy and oily
    after that vetyver combine with previous scent
    I should say that this fragrance is just sweet
    other Elements are very poor
    اولش رایحه وانیل و بوی صمغ مر رو احساس خواهید کرد که بویی شیرین و کمی دودی داره و کمی هم چرب مانند و در نهایت کمی هم خامه ای.
    همین طورکه ادامه پیدا میکنه
    شیرین تر هم میشه بعد از مدتی خس خس بهش اضافه میشه که خیلی
    خیلی ضعیفه
    و شاید بهتره این عطر رو اینجوری تفسیر کنم که بدردنخورترین
    عطری هست که تا حالا بو کردم
    فقط شیرینه
    در اواخر عمرش بوی سرو و خزه بلوط ، حس میشه و انقدر ضعیفه که باید با دماغ بری تو مچ دستت تا بلکه بوش بیاد
    پخش رایحش هم خیلی بده
    جالب تر اینکه قیمتش حدود 500 هزارتومنه

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    3 out of 5

    I was just through thinking how I’ve enjoyed all the ODIN samples I’ve tried so far without exception but not one has blown me away yet and I was really hoping Century would be the one to really wow me!
    I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t but that’s no attitude to take into a blind fragrance test! Anyway….as I applied Century I was treated to a sweet opening of vanilla, amber and myrrh which set my pulse racing! It’s an almost caramelised sweetness but you can tell it has a base firmly rooted in woods…yet it’s not very woody in a tradition sense…if that makes sense??? Maybe it’s the combination of birch tar, vetiver and patchouli that lend it the quality? I dunno?
    The mint note is there and comes on after a couple of minutes but it’s very soft indeed, no sharp, cold menthol blast more of a hint of creamy peppermint .
    I found it unpleasant in this middle stage and a bit lacklustre after an opening I perceived as beautiful Century started to turn on me.
    Now I’m just bored by it, it’s still smells good and arguably nicer again as it dries down but strength wise it’s very poor I’m lucky to get a couple of hours from it.
    I will be wearing it again and will update this review if my second wear somehow liberates some magic…but somehow I doubt it.
    I have to hand it to Century I audibly moaned in a sexual manner when I first smelled it (not many fragrances make that happen!) but it just disappointed thereafter. Like sleeping with a beautiful woman then waking up in the morning and realising she will probably never love you, you have nothing in common, it’ll never last! Realising… ultimately you’re alone in the world.

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    5 out of 5

    I see that there’s a lot of dispute over the value of Odin 03 Century!
    To my nose, this is another masculine-leaning aromachemical-heavy composition from Odin. The opening seems somewhat nice, but the woodish base swiftly sweeps in to make me wish that I had donned something else…
    The touch of peppermint gestures toward originality but is completely overwhelmed by the humdrum nature of this otherwise all-too-familiar fragrance. If I wanted to smell aromachemicals and peppermint, I could just douse myself with ambroxan and brew up a peppermint leaf infusion.
    Only one question remains: What to cover it up with???? I’m glad that some people find value in this creation. They should be happy that now there will be more left for them as I’ve no intention of buying a bottle of Century, in this or any other century.

  9. :

    3 out of 5

    I actually do like this, although I get nothing but myrrh. Literally, no other notes besides myrrh are reaching my nose.

  10. :

    5 out of 5

    I just want to take a fork and jab it in my retina. NOT ANOTHER UNINSPIRING FRAGRANCE!! I smell fear more than anything else. I thought Odin’s latest chypre would be the frag that I’d never forget but not for the reason I thought. Century is the comedian that’s bombing on stage. Same ole vetiver jokes, different venue. Stay tuned next week for another episode of When Vetiver Goes Bad.

  11. :

    3 out of 5

    One of my least favorites of the ODIN line. All I smell is a watered down woody accord. Plenty of smokiness secondary to the oak moss and myrrh. I detect no mint in this one, likely overwhelmed by the other heavy/darker notes. Unfortunately, a fail for me. (29)

  12. :

    5 out of 5

    I’m awfully disappointed by this one from Odin. I smell some nice woods and a bit of mint, but as for myrrh, it’s more like a heavy dose of Iso E Super, which I’m getting so sick and tired of in niche perfumery. I’ve sampled 3 by Odin, and Seylon is the only one that really floats my boat. And it REALLY floats my boat.

  13. :

    4 out of 5

    I’m totally with Yourfoxiness on this one. It seriously smells so amazing that it’s really hard to pin it down in words. But I will try.
    I initially approached this line because I was interested in Petrana, but my boyfriend, attracted to what he described as scents clearly aimed at men due to the packaging, started to pick them up and test them too. He sprayed this and I stopped dead. ‘Oh my God, which one was that??’ It smelled so sweet and woody, with a wonderful resinous depth behind it. He passed me the bottle and I read from a sticker on the bottom the notes and could not understand how this pyramid translated into what I was smelling. ‘But it’s so sweet!’ I kept exclaiming, certain that it was missing something and determined to check Fragrantica after travelling home doused in it and with a paper strip to boot. But here we are and the notes are still the same. I can only conclude that it must be the myrhh giving it that sweetness, as I must qualify, it is definitely a resinous sweetness, in no way sugary, but I took it to be benzoin or maybe even vanilla with woods and resins piled on top.
    This is astonishingly well blended, you can smell almost all the listed notes in this to one degree or another.The secret star is the mint I think too which is just so perfect and unexpected. Century is deep and mysterious, yet totally wearable and approachable. It’s resinous and earthy, sweet and mossy. And what amazes me the most is that I should not like this. Oakmoss is one of my most hated notes, I’ve never liked myrhh, and chypres are one of my least liked groups. I’ve long since given up on scents featuring any of these aspects. And then there was Century. And I do love this. Sillage and staying power are totally fantastic too and this is totally unisex IMO. I’m suddenly concerned about the future of oakmoss where I wasn’t before! The only problem I will have now is to wrest it away from my boyfriend, who wants it too.

  14. :

    5 out of 5

    Other than, holy crap I NEED a FB, I will review this amazing scent more when I can get myself under control..

  15. :

    5 out of 5

    The sharper birch and cypress notes in the opening make this fragrance lean a little to the masculine side of unisex, but that changes by the time the heart notes emerge, where the fragrance softens and sweetens. The patchouli, amber, and myrrh create an intoxicating resinous aura without any sharp edges, while the subtle musk note keeps the fragrance from feeling too sticky or heavy on my skin. Sillage is big in the opening but seems to stay within my personal space on the drydown. Longevity was also good for me. I love woody unisex scents and this one is a real winner for me!

  16. :

    5 out of 5

    Very woody smokey amber leathery sort of scent. I liked the sample I bought from Lucky Scent so much that I bought A bottle. Very Masculine, I enjoy this when I need A break from Dirty English. If Thor, Odin”s son wore A Frag, this would be it!
    Thats right I said it, if you were this you will smell like THOR! Ok, whatever just saying.
    Final note, this really is A great scent, but it might be A bit pricey for some. If you want to save some money and still be an Avenger, then go out and buy yourself A bottle of Dirty English. See my review.
    1 point lost for cost.

  17. :

    5 out of 5

    inizio tipo talco spuma di sciampagna…
    quasi da subito si rivela una miscela buonissima.
    poi si posa sulla pelle un VELO ambrato dolce,unisex ,quasi gourmand che non stufa affatto il naso.
    peccato la bassa concentrazione e il prezzo un po’ alto.
    Fa’ il suo dovere quando spruzzato come se piovesse dopo un bagno caldo di inverno,al posto del borotalco.
    Inebria la stanza per giorni.
    Areare il locale!…alcune persone potrebbero soffocare.
    Is a sweet weapon!

  18. :

    5 out of 5

    This smelled like it contained vanilla

  19. :

    5 out of 5

    I could be wrong,but to me it look very closely like Gucci PH.
    I have not done a direct comparison,but I have a good knowledge of the Gucci.
    I dnt see a reason to buy this one: I expected something different and new.

  20. :

    3 out of 5

    Love at first sniff, although it is a bit too masculine for me to wear.
    It is subtle, soft, woddy and slightly spicy. It smells like a forest during summertime- with the trees’ bark hot and harsh, and refreshing mint, and all sorts of forest plants and herbs. The cypress note is probably the most priminent and nicest- green, vibrant, fresh. Century is not a very bold fragrance, more of a subtle background scent.
    I must say, it is gorgeous. But again, I find it a bit too much on the masculine side (funnily enough, a guy who was testing Century in store found it a bit too feminine).

  21. :

    5 out of 5

    Sweet amber, soft vetiver, no woods that I can smell, mint without much snap. After about twenty minutes you end up with a rather characterless powdery amber-pachouli scent. Too anonymous to be classic, too soft to be be interesting. Onward.
    Sillage: very close, inches
    Duration: 2-3 hours
    Fabulosity: 2% milk
    Price to value ratio: poor

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