003 Alexa Lixfeld

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003 Alexa Lixfeld

003 Alexa Lixfeld

Rated 3.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

003 Alexa Lixfeld for women and men of Alexa Lixfeld

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“I produce culture” stated Alexa Lixfeld, who has recently introduced her collection which encompasses three unusual fragrances – 001, 002, and 003. The flacons hiding these fragrances are made of transparent glass, while their caps are made of concrete coloured in various nuances of grey.

003 is an exotic-fresh fougere, which combines bergamot and rosemary aromas resting on a strong and stable heart created of patchouli and pepper. A base finishes with cinnamon mixed with soft vanilla veil.

Fragrances 001,002 and 003 are available as 30ml EDP. 003 was launched in 2010.

3 reviews for 003 Alexa Lixfeld

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    3 out of 5

    ‘I produce culture’…really, Alexa? Ugh! It’s a scent, not a way of life. Go back to modeling. That having been stated, this is nothing terribly special–far too much rose on me, dries down to a honeyed sweetness, then…nada. Brings to mind some of the extreme spray-gels I wore in to spike my hair in the 80s…Spritz Forte anyone? Grapey, syrupy rose.
    Maybe Ms. Lixfeld believes that the oh-so-gritty concrete caps on the bottles of her over-priced fragrances constitute the ‘production’ of ‘culture’–not surprising in this narcissistic, everyone’s-a-‘celebrity’ so-called culture in which we’re currently mired.
    I’m shocked that luckyscent is sold out of this at 120.00 a bottle. Either the economy isn’t as appallingly bad as I’d thought, or we’re so bored to tears we’ll buy anything that seems different. If there is this much disposable income about for the purchase of fragrance, more power to you, that’s great (seriously! I’m envious!), but frankly, your money would be spent more wisely on something really evocative–there are so many far better ‘statement’ fragrances, as well as many simple beauties, old and new.

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    3 out of 5

    Great scent (for a woman). Longevity and projection…way above average. Just felt for my skin it was too feminine, woodsy but very sweet. Still, I would give this fragrance a 9 out of 10.

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    4 out of 5

    The first time I tried this I put it immediately in my ‘giveaway pile’ the place where samples I don’t like get stored to add as extras to swaps. Well I tried it again today and I really like it! Don’t know what is going on! Its a really lovely soft but still there scent, I can smell alot of vanilla even from the start, the bergamot and rosemary are not sharp or too herbal which I like, they are like supporting acts really and aren’t there for very long. The patch and pepper are also not overdone. It’s all really well blended. The vanilla is really sweet enough that I’d say this is best for women not men.
    EDIT: trying the last of my sample again in Winter, the herbal aspects are strong and im not liking it again. Ugh can’t stand a scent that can’t make up its mind on me! ANyway it does soften out but I don’t want to smell like a kitchen (rosemary 🙂 so now that Ive finished my sample im going to forget about this one.

003 Alexa Lixfeld

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