Sumatera Coquillete

3.33 из 5
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Sumatera Coquillete

Sumatera Coquillete

Rated 3.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

Sumatera Coquillete for women and men of Coquillete

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Sumatera is a fragrance for fans of patchouli and it offers fresh extract of patchouli from the island of Sumatra. Notes of green patchouli from Sumatra in the top are surrounded by elegant floral scents of Chinese jasmine and white flowers. The chypre union of the first notes is spiced with a pinch of Indian black pepper and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. The heart of this perfume provides a strong blend of cedar, musk and patchouli, leading to Madagascar vanilla and jasmine in the base. Sumatera was launched in 2012. Sumatera was created by Elise Juarros and Rosa Vaia.

3 reviews for Sumatera Coquillete

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    4 out of 5

    I really, really, really, really hated this. On me, it smells like a cheap syrup made out of cloves and nutmeg, and I really couldn’t detect anything else warming up to redeem it. Just heavy sicky-sweetish spice with a tinny quality to it that makes it even more irritating. I couldn’t wait to wash it off. And even after washing it off, I had to spray musk on top in an attempt to conceal the stench. And still it’s there. Must go wash my arms again….Have I mentioned that I hated this? 😉

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    3 out of 5

    This perfume is a bit strange to my nose, due to the fact patchouli as head-note, instead of base, is quite a challenge; it doesn’ t vanish like most of head-notes do after seconds or minutes, it clearly stands for the whole composition; but it looses its harshness I don’t like so much and keeps its aromatic, unmistakable mark (the part I love) untill the end.
    So, when this has happened, you can easier appreciate the cinnamon and white flowers; but remember, it’s not a floral, I would define it as a “spicy-chypre”, if it makes any sense.
    As time goes by, the whole ingredients still stand well blended all-together.
    I like it very much, even if I’m aware I don’t love; when I need something sweeter but still patchouli-long persistent, I layer it with a Vanilla perfume I have (but a “cold” one, not a fruity-vanillary scent), and this advances the composition to the LOVE grade.
    Yes, I agree, it’s suitable in every season; sillage is medium, longevity long, but becomes a skin-scent after 3 hours.

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    3 out of 5

    There is no doubt, I love this scent. The notes of patchouli blend very well with the cinnamon, making it a good result. I think it’s suitable for all seasons. It reminds me of a kind of pleasant and very spicy chewing-gum. Good, very good but I could hardly wear it.

Sumatera Coquillete

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