Pivoine Manos Gerakinis

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Pivoine Manos Gerakinis

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Pivoine Manos Gerakinis for women and men of Manos Gerakinis

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Pivoine by Manos Gerakinis is a Floral fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Pivoine was launched in 2017. Top note is red apple; middle notes are jasmine, peony, carnation and rose; base note is suede.

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    5 out of 5

    Pivoine goes conceptually in a totally opposite sense to Imortelle. The peony is usually a flower that I do not appreciate in perfumery because the synthetics that are used to retracts it give me the sensation of functional perfumery products. This also contributed to the impression that its scent is not outstanding enough to face nighttime wear, lacking a more bold presence. Manos does an excellent job at taking the peony out of its common place and making it sensual and versatile. The perfume has a wealth of nuances that is unusual when the composition focuses on this flower. The Peony here is portrayed with the slightly fruity floral freshness that is familiar to those who expect this theme. But the secret lies, just as in Imortelle, in the nuances of composition. There is a delicious fruity and floral scent that reminisces to wine with a lightweight acquatic floralcy that gives the flower an interesting shine. In the background, a sophisticated and adult jasmine imparts a robust aroma to the theme without stealing the attention of the Peony. The base in the composition is minimal, with a velvety touch that sustains the flowers and what impresses is that the opening and the evolution end up sustaining very well and maintaining a fresh, sensual and complex aura for a long time. It is a perfume that tends a little more to the feminine and that just as Imortelle has an impeccable execution.

Pivoine Manos Gerakinis

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