Nuit Epicee Decennial

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Nuit Epicee Decennial

Rated 3.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

Nuit Epicee Decennial for women and men of Decennial

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Website marks the tenth anniversary of its existence with the Decennial exclusive collection of four fragrances dedicated to the city of Los Angeles. Each of the four fragrances reflects a part of this city.

Nuit Epicee is inspired by the nightlife of Los Angeles. The perfume is a dark, woody, spicy and gourmand, created by Jerome Epinette. It opens sharply with bitter note of rhubarb and then goes into dark gourmand construction of cumin, almond, cistus, violet, blonde woods, black amber and pralines.

The fragrances are available as 75 ml Eau de Parfum.
Nuit Epicee was launched in 2012.

4 reviews for Nuit Epicee Decennial

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    3 out of 5

    Wow!!! I’m in love. This fragrance hit me like a arrow straight from cupids bow.
    Labdanum! a princely, opulent slap in the face of resinous beauty I knew right away this was going to be special. Then tart glimpses of another of my favourite notes…rhubarb! It’s not the biggest but it’s there in the opening.
    Then the heart starts to get really gourmand it goes from a gorgeous almondy/white chocolate thing to a wheaty, milky kind of smell. Then the cumin seeds start to reign that sweetness in giving a bit of a savoury spicy feel.
    Complex warm amber base finishes off a dream fragrance for me… Nuit Epicee is magic!
    It’s a minor shame the drydown is not as good as that superb opening…infact probably my FAVOURITE OPENING EVER!
    Gorgeous juice amazing longevity, easy 12hr+ and subtle sillage which gives you a nice little breeze every now and again.
    I’m stunned by this juice, darkly gourmand, woody, resinous a bit like two other favourites of mine Armani Myrrhe imperial and Nasomatto Black Afgano but with an edible twist!

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    4 out of 5

    This one kinda grew on me. I found this to be linear which led to my early displeasure. What made me appreciate this most is the fact that it lasts for a looooong time(an effortless 14hrs). Projection and sillage were strong hours after application. It’s funny to know that this was inspired by the city of Los Angeles. This is more Middle Eastern than it is City of Angels. My main disclaimer for potential buyers would be that this isn’t a beautiful scent. I didn’t find this to be as sweet as the praline may suggest. The amber accord in this is rather dirty. A matter of fact, the whole damn fragrance is dirty haha! This could pass as a long lost cousin of Black Afgano. It has that familiar smoke that Afgano fans are accustomed to. If you don’t like spices, then you should probably pass on this one.

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    4 out of 5

    This frag is ok to say the least, If you love the smell of a high school wood shop, you will love this. If I had to choose which “Decennial” to buy I would pick up “Desert” it has the same woody vibe but “Nuit” smells like a pile of sweet, pine sawdust, where “Desert” smells of fresh cedar.
    6/10- good find under $70 bucks

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    4 out of 5

    As one not totally enamoured with gourmand type scents, I found this to be one that changed how I felt about sweet candyish fragrances. Even worn on a cool humid No Cal evening and the wafts of amber and soft woods become almost hypnotic. The first few minutes are outrageously good. I had one of those stop in your tracks moments while taking in the blend of sharp rhubarb and dark chocolate with violet nestled in the background. The whole development after that initial stage is paler in comparison. Decent but a little lacklustre. I keep getting hints of Nasomatto China White as time goes by. Hard to fathom why this is the case as both fragrances have very different note structures. Not sure about sillage as of yet . More of an intimate skin scent perhaps. I like it so far. But only just. Very unisex no question about it . More for adventurous gentlemen than daring divas. There is just not enough of darkness in this scent to make it a sure after hours for ladies heading into the night. When all is said and done, I can’t dislike Nuit Epicee. Just wish it could deliver more after the first flashes of greatness is shows early on.

Nuit Epicee Decennial

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