Miss Priss Hoity Toity

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Miss Priss Hoity Toity

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Miss Priss Hoity Toity for women of Hoity Toity

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Miss Priss is a shimmering cocktail of oriental freshness, green, fruity, floral and woody notes with licorice. Available as 50 ml EDP and 90 ml perfumed body spray. Miss Priss was launched in 2004.

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    4 out of 5

    I love this. If you like Cathy Guetta’s Ibiza with the little disco ball which is impossible to get then try this one. It does have a little aniseed smell but it is soft not sharp or annoying. I think this is very soft and blended well so it is interesting without smelling like a little girl. It lasts and lasts. I have had trouble finding Cathy Guetta’s perfume but I think I can use this one. This is not as strong as Lolita but if you like Lolita then you may enjoy this for every day when Lolita is too strong.

Miss Priss Hoity Toity

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