King Fahad Blend Arabian Oud

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King Fahad Blend Arabian Oud

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

King Fahad Blend Arabian Oud for men of Arabian Oud

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King Fahad Blend by Arabian Oud is a Oriental fragrance for men. Top note is agarwood (oud); middle notes are taif rose and black musk; base notes are patchouli and damask rose.

2 reviews for King Fahad Blend Arabian Oud

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    5 out of 5

    Not sure if the person in the other review has the real king Fahad blend. Sometimes (depending on the arabian Oud location) the sales person does not really know a whole lot about the oils. Unfortunately some sales persons at these locations are not from Saudi, and are not well versed on the matter. Getting the wrong oil is quite easy. I currently have the King fahad from the 3 major Oud houses in the middle east. ASAQ, ARABIAN OUD, MAJID ITERJI. They are the same except for longevity and smoothness of the notes. Asaq’s blend is my favorite and is quite smooth, first impression is the color RED, it is like nothing else. No other blend compares except the King Abdullah (similar but we can discuss in a different review). Oud notes are very aged kalakassi (120 year), flowers, and a mix of something that is unrecognized. It’s like training your eye to see a newly discovered color. Your senses are in shock. Strangely resembles powder, Oud, and mixed flower like nothing else, and I mean nothing. All 3 houses offer the same except for opening strength, after an hour they are exactly the same more or less. I say ASAQ 1, ITERJI 2, and ARABIAN OUD 3 as far as quality. Unless you are in the middle east with the guys you cannot wear this and go to the movies

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    3 out of 5

    I’m very lucky to have received a small sample of King Fahad as a gift, otherwise it would have been out of my reach financially.
    This is a mukhallat made with an aged oud. None of the notes I associate with either synthetic or younger ouds are present: nothing medicinal, nothing barnyard-y or leathery. This is one smooth oud with a spiciness that makes me think of what the interior of an old wooden barrel that’s been used to hold spiced molasses might smell like. With the addition of the rosy notes, it’s quite sweet and powdery as well.
    This is an association that perhaps only a westerner will make, but I keep thinking of spiced molasses cookies! (Which I love, by the way.) I’ve used only a tiny drop, but projection is massive. A powerful fragrance indeed, suitable for a king.
    Since I’m not a king, I save this for very cold wintery days when its power and spicy warmth are most welcome.

King Fahad Blend Arabian Oud

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