Spigo Odori

Spigo Odori

Spigo Odori

Spigo Odori for women and men of Odori

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Used to create balms perfumed scents and essences in the Renaissance Florence, the “spigo” is a particular kind of lavender which ripens on the Florentine hills and characterizes the most natural and authentic spirit of the city.

An intense beginning where notes of lavender and lavandin evoke a fresh and captivating energy. The oriental delicacy of vanilla is completed by refreshing notes of camphor and eucalyptus. The dry-down is a seductive blend of amber, tonka bean and white musk. The vibrant intensity awakes our senses, revealing its unforgettable signature.

Top: Lavender, Lavandin, Green Notes.
Heart: Camphor, Vanilla, Eucalyptus.
Dry down: Amber, Tonka Bean, White Musk.

Spigo was launched in 2018.


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Spigo Odori

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