Sandalo Santa Maria Novella

3.75 из 5
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Sandalo Santa Maria Novella

Sandalo Santa Maria Novella

Rated 3.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

Sandalo Santa Maria Novella for women and men of Santa Maria Novella

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Sandalo by Santa Maria Novella is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men.

4 reviews for Sandalo Santa Maria Novella

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    4 out of 5

    I have been on the hunt for something thick and deep to wear in cold weather and I think Sandalo could fit the bill. I hate sweet perfumes and have been striking out with ambers which tend to also include tonka and/or vanilla. Sandalo smells like a dark, dry, almost petrified ancient wood. There is no creaminess or anything resembling the incarnations of sandalwood that I am familiar with. I admit I am no Sandalwood connoisseur but Sandalo doesn’t really smell like sandalwood at all. Rosewood, as mentioned below and of which I am familiar from my favorite smell of Vitabath original green, seems more likely the dominant wood. Sandalo is very dark and dry with the slightest edge of a barbershop tonic familiar from many other Santa Maria Novella masculines. It lasts a good 10 hours and for most of that time, it is a very close but potent skin scent. If you like the SMN aesthetic of Florence Italy and ancient herbal elixirs, the smell of old buildings and books, the opposite of most modern “sexy” fragrances, Sandalo is worth checking out. It smells like something dark and masculine from very long ago.

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    5 out of 5

    Sandalo begins smelling nothing like sandalwood to the point where it’s hard to believe it will evolve into sandalwood. From prior experience with Santa Maria Novella, I know to wait it out. At first it smells like a really nice, sweet citrus, like the flesh of an orange, but with a transparent, whispy feel. Soon I notice an unexpected medicinal note that I am not too fond of. The more I scrutinize, the more it seems herbal, perhaps like eucalyptus leaves, a note I avoid like the plague. I don’t like it in nature, and I don’t like it in perfume. Development takes a long time–the herbal heart lasted about two hours. I still can’t believe I am saying this because I don’t even like eucalyptus, but the longer it was on my skin, the more it grew on me (no pun intended).
    Ever-so-slowly, a serene woodiness creeps in, still not sandalwood, and the scent warmed on my skin and projected very clearly, yet unobtrusively, from my wrist for hours. It took 2-3 hours before I began to smell the incredible creaminess of real sandalwood. At that point, I was definitely swooning. While the eucalyptus note ultimately faded into non-existence, the orange did not. The scent of orange remained on my skin, perfectly combined with sandalwood, for the entire 8+ hours the perfume lasted.
    Sandalo doesn’t smell like incense sticks, and it’s not smoky. I highly doubt that sandalwood incense sticks are made with real sandalwood anyway, since the wood is so costly and somewhat hard to come by these days, especially the Mysore variety. I have smelled Mysore sandalwood essential oil. You really have to relax and inhale gently to even smell it. It is not heavy nor intense. The creaminess of real sandalwood seems peanutty, but it’s subtle. It’s an inherant creminess that does not smell anything like coconut, amber nor vanilla, although perfumers use these notes to give more oomph in a composition. Once it dries down, Sandalo nails the scent profile of Mysore sandalwood quite perfectly, better than any other perfume I know of. It’s like sniffing pure Mysore sandalwood mixed with a hint of sweet orange. The base is a soft, woody scent that is completely unisex and lends a feeling of tranquility.
    Sandalo smells uplifting because there are no dark notes. There is no oud to darken it into a wood that matches expectations better, no pepper, no patchouli, no incense. In this regard, I find it different from other sandalwood perfumes on the market. I will eventually add a bottle to my collection, but on this particular occasion I left with a bottle of Tam Dao EDP. In all honesty, I wish I had purchased Sandalo.

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    3 out of 5

    As with the vetiver from this perfumer, the dominant note is rosewood. In the drydown there is the barest hint of creamy sandalwood, but that’s all there is.

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    3 out of 5

    For me , it´s a Perfect Santal than i smeel in the india shop !!
    A very beautyfull Wood , subtil but with presence and power !!!
    Try it !!!

Sandalo Santa Maria Novella

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