Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona

3.70 из 5
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Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona

Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona

Rated 3.70 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)

Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona for women of Custo Barcelona

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Two new fragrances, one feminine and one masculine, that follow in the groundbreaking footsteps of Custo’s first fragrance. Daring and original, they express Pure Fashion, they contain Pure Innovation.

The magic of Custo Barcelona transformed into a new life-giving elixir: the new fragrances for man and woman by Pure Custo Barcelona. ≈With the fragrance I wanted to go back to the beginning, remembering what we were looking or when we launched the brand: Freshness and creative freedom to do something new, different, something that didn’t exist on the market”

This is what Custo Dalmau says about the new challenge. Freedom and freshness are part of the purest concept of Custo Barcelona. The two principles underpinned the originality of the project and are the catalysts of the brand’s development since its inception. Pure means the essence and also gives its name to the clothing range that is most intrinsically linked to the concept of Custo Barcelona.

A pure spirit for two fragrances, one feminine and one masculine, which share the same concept. They express Pure Fashion They contain Pure Innovation To symbolise the very essence of the brand and the new perfume, the ad campaign accompanying the launch takes an element borrowed from the symbolism of Custo Barcelona: The peacock.

Often used in the prints, the peacock is admired for its colourful feathers and the images these create when it unfurls its tail, as well as surprising us with the particular texture of its feathers. It is also the perfect representation of the first principle of perfumery – seduction – because this proud bird uses the incredible display of its feathers to attract attention during its courtship ritual.

The female version of the fragrance is bright, bold and addictive. Its vocation, like the peacock, is to seduce.

Its top note is fresh and free, just like the fashion of Custo Barcelona was at the beginning of its adventure. Mediterranean bergamot and lemon blend their citric notes with the warm and exotic seduction of ginger. The green notes of sage underscore femininity while providing an aura of freshness.

The middle note is full of personality, with a contrast between the floral blend of intriguing violet and the exotic notes provided by fruits, pepper and the modern Super Hedione.

The bottom note reveals sensuality and feminine appeal thanks to the contrast of fragrant wood notes with intense musk and the sweetness of vanilla.

The bottle and the box. The two new fragrances are presented in an original context by Custo Dalmau. A printed neoprene case, in pink for girls and blue tones for boys, covers the glass of the bottle and is closed with a zip that recalls the wetsuits used by surfers to combat the cold ocean waters. The cases add a surprising touch that marks everything that this daring creator does: cutting-edge fabric and the idea of dressing up the bottle of a fragrance.

The box, vertical and rectangular, enhances the graphical power of the prints chosen to dress the bottle. Psychedelic pink and silver images with touches of colour in the feminine version of the fragrance, and a jungle of overlapping leaves in blue, silver and black for the masculine version. In both cases, the finish is metallic and bright, vibrant with flashes of silver. Pure Custo Barcelona Woman was launched in 2010.

10 reviews for Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona

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    4 out of 5

    As another reviewer said, this is a kind of harsh (for a “feminine” scent) citrus water, and to me it’s unisex. The notes are tightly bound yet have a bit of softness (for a “masculine”), and I like this blend! There’s something about it that I haven’t smelled before, perhaps the “Super Hedione” in combination with some of the other notes, and I find the occasional wafts to be quite pleasant. However, using my hand to waft it up to my nose over and over again is not nearly as nice.
    UPDATE: I don’t get this becoming more floral or sweeter. It actually gets more “masculine,” with a touch of a fir resin quality. Longevity is excellent and projection is at least moderate. I’m really surprised at how much I have enjoyed this one.

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    3 out of 5

    So sad that I finished my 30ml bottle,but i also have a tiny sample.Moderate longeivity and projection,more of a spring type perfume,i got mostly soapy-floral and apple notes and a rather fresh sensation.

  3. :

    4 out of 5

    This is an amazing fresh feminine fragrance, with a hint of sweetness, that lasts all day. I love it! I bought it from only smelling a tester, on holiday in Spain this year! I knew it would smell great on my Skin and I was not disappointed. I dont get the berry or flower notes, I get this floaty and fresh note, added to that a hint of ginger and lemon (well married) that keeps coming through hours later; the drydown is subtle, no longer that sweet but still gorgeously fresh and modern. Custo, Custo, I like this mucho!!

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    5 out of 5

    Me mucho gusto…mucho

  5. :

    3 out of 5

    Podria haber sido una fragancia de Escada

  6. :

    3 out of 5

    It starts as a fresh floral-fruity and has quite good lasting power. On ma the drydown is only fruity. It’s ok but there are plenty scents out there like this one and I didn’t like the fresh touch to it much.

  7. :

    4 out of 5

    i dnt like this perfume at all.. not even the price lool

  8. :

    5 out of 5

    The opening is tutty-fruity and rather tasty and delicious. Than the fragrance becomes harsh and reminds of ordinary sweet water.
    Nevertheless not a bad present for the very young girl.

  9. :

    3 out of 5

    There was looking different , something soft, aquatic with a fruit-bearing fresh touch as to bergamota, or mandarin … when the saleswoman showed me Pure Custo, only in spite of seeing the packing already imagine that it was not what was searching but well, sometimes you are surprised … it was not the case,
    floral -frruity girly not surprising at all .
    I cannot say much any more.

  10. :

    3 out of 5

    Another floral-fruity…
    First fruity, reminded me of Escada summer fragrances (which are not bad at all, sometimes). Quite nice, actually. Citruses, maybe some pineapple and some berries.
    Then it becomes sweeter and more floral, I don’t detect violet specifically, just a soft sweet floral accord.
    Almost no sillage, staying power about 3-4 hours.
    Rather generic and the bottle looks really stupid – in my honest opinion.
    When I read these words: ‘Freshness and creative freedom to do something new, different, something that didn’t exist on the market’ … I think:
    Oh, well. They didn’t manage.
    Their first fragrance is MUCH better.

Pure Custo Barcelona Woman Custo Barcelona

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