No 1 Mermaid Perfume

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No 1 Mermaid Perfume

Rated 3.67 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)

No 1 Mermaid Perfume for women of Mermaid Perfume

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No 1 by Mermaid Perfume is a fragrance for women.

6 reviews for No 1 Mermaid Perfume

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    3 out of 5

    We redheads love to fantasize that we are mermaids. Ariel made a lasting impression…long before Merida (even though Merida also had the curls)…so anything made for mermaids is bound to attract me. 😉 I had the shampoo, conditioner and hair shine spray long before I realized the actual Mermaid No. 1 “perfume” smells quite different from the hair products with the same name! The hair products are along the lines of Bobbi Brown Beach, but with a heavy dose of coconut. The perfume, however, (I have the oil), is pure, clear California orange blossom. No neroli…no syruppy Florida orange blossoms…it’s the smell that used to penetrate through freeway smog when you drove through Redlands…and long before that, it was the aroma of my homeland, Orange County. All the trees were pushed out by land developers and it really was the world Don Henley mourned throughout the Hotel California album. Everyone remembers the innocence being taken over by the “Tiffany Twisted” drivers of Mercedes Benz…but it would be a stunning thing if people revisit the final song of the album, The Last Resort. It is one of the most potent, tragic examples of a time in life when nobody ever believes the true prophet, instead following the fake, easy way out.
    As I sit here tonight, on a windy night, quite cold for April, I am inhaling the smell of a beautiful place and time that is forever lost. Lost before anybody realized its magic.The smells float me to memories in Dana Point, Doheny, Capo Beach, San Clemente, and Laguna Beach …places that used to be exquisite, use to be paradise, seem more like movie sets of bland suburbia, and their vibrant life has melted away with the fires and the floods.. The ugly boxes and shallow materialism obliterated the California life, and all that’s left behind are memories like smells of orange blossoms.
    So I’m going to type the lyrics of The Last Resort, and maybe you’ll think of them when you smell orange blossoms.
    She came from Providence
    The one in Rhode Island
    Where the old world shadows hang
    Heavy in the air
    She packed her hopes and dreams
    Like a refugee
    Just as her father came across the sea
    She heard about a place people were smiling
    They spoke about the red man’s way
    And how they loved the land
    And they came from everywhere
    To the Great Divide
    Seeking a place to stand
    Or a place to hide
    Down in the crowded bars
    Out for a good time
    Can’t wait to tell you all
    What it’s like up there
    And they called it paradise
    I don’t know why
    Somebody laid the mountains low
    While the town got high
    Then the chilly winds blew down
    Across the desert
    Through the canyons of the coast
    To the Malibu
    Where the pretty people play
    Hungry for power
    To light their neon way
    And give them things to do
    Some rich men came and raped the land
    Nobody caught them
    Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and
    Jesus People bought them
    And they called it paradise
    The place to be
    They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea
    You can leave it all behind
    And sail to Lahaina
    Just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
    They even brought a neon sign said “Jesus is coming”
    Brought the white man’s burden down
    Brought the white man’s reign
    Who will provide the grand design?
    What is yours and what is mine?
    Because there is no more new frontier
    We have got to make it here
    We satisfy our endless needs and
    Justify our bloody deeds
    In the name of destiny
    And in the name of God
    And you can see them there
    On Sunday morning
    Stand up and sing about
    What it’s like up there
    They call it paradise
    I don’t know why
    You call someplace paradise
    Kiss it goodbye….
    Don Henley, The Last Resort Hotel California

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    3 out of 5

    This one is tricky! I very much want to like it so I can smell like mermaids and have the bottle on my vanity. But this one is too floral for me. It’s not very oceanic either. I was expecting seaweed and maybe a briny note. Instead, it’s quite fresh and floral. Not beachy at all, so I don’t think the title of “Mermaid” is very fitting.

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    3 out of 5

    I love anything with orange blossom so this was perfect! I was also definitely reeled in by the title. I remember I was in a store with my friend and she kept trying on clothes, and I was trying to browse around the store, but I kept coming back to their display bottle to smell it over and over! I finally knew I had to buy it. I wear it almost every day in the spring and summer.

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    5 out of 5

    Orange Blossom. That’s all. I love orange blossom so I like this one, think I will try layering it though to make it a little more exciting.

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    4 out of 5

    Anthropologie was carrying this fragrance last spring (2015). From what I’ve read it’s essentially a single note of orange blossom however I was instantly reminded of the blooming tea olive trees at my childhood home. Sweet, floral, and intoxicating. (I have since come to learn that tea olive and orange blossom are similar smells, so I guess I wasn’t crazy in that misidentification) Because it’s one note, I sometimes layer Mermaid with other perfumes. So far it’s worked well with Cartier’s La Panthère Légère, Marc Jacob’s Daisy Dream, and Guerlain’s Idylle.

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    4 out of 5

    Fresh orange blossom. Not too florally but more of a fresh creamy orange smell. Definitely going to wear this during the summer!

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