Nefertiti Harvey Prince

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Nefertiti Harvey Prince

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Nefertiti Harvey Prince for women of Harvey Prince

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The busy, modern city sometimes made her long for an adventure to an exotic, ancient destination. She found her escape in the Neues Museum, which housed a vast collection of Egyptian artifacts.
The organic fragrance was inspired by Nefertiti bust, more than 3,300 years old and an icon of feminine beauty.
It includes notes of lush Egyptian jasmine, rich cedarwood, sensual sandalwood, warm amber, spicy vanilla, deep musk and fresh bergamot .

Nefertiti was launched in 2017.

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    4 out of 5

    Hmmm.. Pretty and simple. With a name like Nefertiti I expected a pungent vanilla, amber and jasmine perfume. This is not what you get. It goes on sort of like Marc Jacobs Daisy, but sweeter. Then it gets this richer vanilla note. Not heavy or decadent vanilla though. Oddly I get a very strong nectarine note. What it boils down to is a sweet nectarine, vanilla perfume with indeterminate floral backing. It’s not at all cloying. I like it!

Nefertiti Harvey Prince

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