Ma Reine Salvador Dali

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Ma Reine Salvador Dali

Ma Reine Salvador Dali

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Ma Reine Salvador Dali for women of Salvador Dali

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Naturally, it is Gala who is symbolized by this Daligram in form of a crown. Gala, Dalí’s queen, is also the one who decides everything. Ma Reine is a powerful and lush fragrance, the uncompromising manifesto of a triumphant love.

“To compose Ma Reine, I thought of a woman of power, with audacious and impetuous personality, a great lover. I interpreted the sharp side with the spiciness of the bergamot which echoes the pink berries. But this woman is also a ravishing queen, very seductive. A heart of jasmine sambac absolute takes over and overwhelms all the senses. The jasmine, “queen of flowers” in Indian, leads the ball adorned with the scent of iris absolute and orange blossom. The roundness of vanilla notes forms like an enveloping cocoon. A sensual and voluptuous perfume, a prelude to an irresistible desire…”- explained Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer of the composition.

The fragrance belongs to DALIGRAMME COLLECTION and its available in 100ml eau de Parfum flacons from 2017.

1 review for Ma Reine Salvador Dali

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    5 out of 5

    This is citrus, orange blossom, and iris.
    It has some red pepper, and doses of pink pepper.
    It’s quite greeny yet peppery with iris and citrus.

Ma Reine Salvador Dali

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