#laislablanca Ramon Monegal

3.50 из 5
(2 отзывов)

#laislablanca Ramon Monegal

#laislablanca Ramon Monegal

Rated 3.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

#laislablanca Ramon Monegal for women and men of Ramon Monegal

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“What fascinates me most about the island is its incredible light, the purity of its transparent waters and an omnipresent white colour, which urges you, like a blank canvas, to create the most daring composition. White musk immersed in salt water, wrapped in Mediterranean pine balsam in the presence of a sea of white almond flowers” – Ramon Monegal

#laislablanca was launched in 2018.

2 reviews for #laislablanca Ramon Monegal

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    4 out of 5

    Coconut, almond, lotus ocean mist.
    Splash of zesty coconut, with sweet coating almonds, & lotus sea breeze mist hits sharply first and goes milky creamy coconut and almond blend. I really liked the summertime ride & vibes when this juice hits my skin. It’s feels a bit like a a sweet coconut sun lotion with bits of booze around.
    I am really surprised that both the coconut, & the lotus aren’t in the pyramid as i can sense them quite clear. I can’t detect any jasmines, or patchouli, but i’m surly can detec hints of musky sweet anise which gave it the vibe of strength at the beginning but not that much then settles into a summer time sex. A Double Dose of Delightful Infusion.

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    3 out of 5

    Every once in a blue moon a summer scent comes around with the capacity to blow me out of the water, this time around all my credit and praise goes to LA ISLA BLANCA belonging into the IBIZA collection from Ramon Monegal.
    But where to begin when words cannot do a single justice to a masterful formula, well, La Isla Blanca opens up with a cocktail of citrus married to fizzy aldehydes, fresh sparkling essence of anise and ginger to elevate the introduction to olfactory bliss territory, absolutely brilliant, but this is not just a beautiful bottle, the scent develops into a majestic sweet floral heart, pairing jasmine and heliotrope to ozonic notes, developing a sweet marine character contrasted by subtle salty tones, but what’s even more impressive is that throughout it’s curse the composition releases a creamy coconut lime accord that is unbelievably seductive ,yet relaxing as a summer getaway to a Caribbean island.
    The incredible concoction bottoms out with the addition of everlasting white musk for an extremely long lasting ride.
    Overall, LA ISLA BLANCA lasts over 12 hours on my skin and is always present, easily detectable throughout the wearing , truly impressive.
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#laislablanca Ramon Monegal

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