Indian Summer Houbigant

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Indian Summer Houbigant

Rated 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

Indian Summer Houbigant for women of Houbigant

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Indian Summer by Houbigant is a Floral Aldehyde fragrance for women. Indian Summer was launched in 1972. The fragrance features rose, spicy notes, tomato leaf, aldehydes, green notes, cloves, cinnamon, honey, hazelnut, sandalwood, hay and incense.

3 reviews for Indian Summer Houbigant

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    4 out of 5

    OMG! I love this! I got a small 1/2 oz from a wonderful friend (initially– I bought her Shalimar vintage cologne on ebay, and we became friends! She just sent me a box of “junk” (her words) perfumes and there are some wonderful gems in here!)
    I’ve always wanted Indian Summer, but it’s pretty rare. Or expensive. I lost out of a bottle on ebay where bidding went higher than I could do. So I’m so happy to have this lil bottle! However, the only downside to little bottles is… if you love the wonderful scent you are kinda SOL. Haha!
    Mmmm… FALL/AUTUMN! Incense, animalic hay, greenery, spices, rose, cloves, cinnamon, honey! OH MY!
    I love it! On the plus side, it DOES smell a lot like Apercu from Houbigant– and I have that! WHEW! (However, I think I like Indian Summer more!)
    Highly rec Indian Summer or Apercu!
    Edit October 2018– I found a 3 oz Cologne Spray of Indian Summer for CHEAP and I’m thrilled. This smells SOOO GOOD. The sharp green, hay, cloves, and spices steal the show, and make this better than Apercu, although I still like Apercu.

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    5 out of 5

    Rose Chypre
    I think this perfume is aptly named. This is not a nascent, green, full of life perfume, this is like summer has come of age and learned a bit by the end of September. Many of the notes are concentrated and dark. Also, I guess it was just the early 1970s and the name it fit at the time. This is mostly a rose chypre, and what is surprising about it is how much it changes from the early top notes. For an hour Indian Summer truly is all “Floral Aldehyde” but all the initial notes fall away and it becomes a luscious rose perfume.
    The topnotes do remind me of a rich summer field, at least, there classic woody aldehyde is heavily infused with the green, dried hay notes and a whopping dose of earthy vetiver. It’s a very nice combination, if you like that sort of thing.
    After an hour the top notes fall away and a lovely rose emerges. It’s very dark and dripping red, kind of sweet and dirty at the same time. I don’t find it to be honeyed, exactly, but it’s a great combination of sweet and skanky, like it is also blended with civet. The rose heart lasts for hours on me, after a long while the base dried down into a classic oakmoss-sandalwood. Beautiful.
    If you like rose chypres like “Diva” or “Knowing” you may like this too. I really like how the rose kind of sits alone in the heart, you have no idea that it’s coming when you first start wearing the perfume, it’s not blended with any other florals or woods, and any other notes are just supporting that deep thick red rose. By the time the dry down comes the rose is gone, like it can’t bear to share the attention with anyone else.
    This wears fairly close to the skin, but lasts for over 8 hours. I’m pretty sure my bottle is from the 70s, I have no idea when this was discontinued, but the perfume smells very fresh and doesn’t seem to have any degradation. I really love this, it’s still available on Ebay, if you love classic chypre perfumes Indian Summer is a go!

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    4 out of 5

    Fragrance Review For Indian Summer
    Green Notes
    I had the opportunity and the pleasure and honor of experiencing this fragrance after I bought it second-hand from a seller on Ebay. This comes in a splash bottle with a round gold or silver cap. It’s an outdated old fashioned aldehydic spicy scent, not quite an Oriental, not a floral, not a chypre. It’s hard to put a label on this fragrance. I’ll just label it AWESOME. This perfume reminds me of fragrances I’ve enjoyed like 20 Carats by Dana and Twenties by Place des Lices. Today it would bare a resemblance to indie niche fragrances like Demeter Fragrance’s Aphrodite Slipper Orchid. There is also a similarity to APERCU by Houbigant. Sometimes it’s like Hameau de La Reine by Historiae. It’s one of those spicy, earthy scents that don’t really remind you of any one specific fragrance. To me it seems to want to capture the spirit of a long summer in the country.
    Honey is the dominant note. A rich dark honey right out of the honeycomb. The honey is subduing the aldehydes which can still be sensed as the scent opens. There’s also a rose that comes and goes briefly and because of that honey note the scent briefly turns into an accord in Red Door by Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition (which is not limited and sells at any Macy’s department). There are hardly any florals other than that rose, and she’s not the star. She makes an entrance and an exit.
    The spicy hazelnut cinnamon and cloves take over the middle stage of the fragrance. Because it does not have a top-middle-base note formula the fragrance develops quickly but it is not linear. It seems to have layers. The cloves are very strong so if you like clove scents, this is a good clove. There’s sandalwood that really stands out as the fragrance dries down and begins to fade. Woodsy but not heavily woodsy. A warm little touch of incense can be detected as well. This part is only the slightest bit Oriental (sandalwood-incense) but it lacks the fuller body of an Oriental. It seems to be a hodgepodge of earthy spicy scents like having collected various spices from a spice rack and congealed into a perfume.
    There’s a tomato note in this scent that sends me! It’s exactly like a tomato ketchup. This fragrance is savory and spicy and would smell good in autumn and winter at a restaurant when the scent of your perfume clashes with the food scents in a good way. This is spicy and sultry. It’s not delicious, not fresh, not a gourmand. It’s a simple earth-based scent of spices cloves, hazelnut, cinnamon and a honeypot. The honey is to die for.
    Wearing this fragrance will get you noticed. No one I know is wearing this fragrance. This is a very underrated obscure scent and in fact I’m the only one writing a fragrance review on it. I absolutely love the cologne. It is definitely mature and exudes confidence. A little goes a long way. I splash this on my collarbone. Smells just as good on clothes.
    Thank you Ebay for indulging me in my love of perfumes.

Indian Summer Houbigant

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