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Hossegor A Lab on Fire

Hossegor A Lab on Fire

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A Lab on Fire presents Hossegor, a spiritual, introspective, and ‘gypsoul’ fragrance that evokes meaningful instants spent embraced by the beauty of nature. This captivating new scent is a 180-degeree turn from last year’s California Snow, which was inspired by the decadence, rampant drug use, and conspicuous consumption of the young urban Hollywood. Hossegor is the brand’s latest collaboration with talented perfumer Mackenzie Reilly, who was born and raised in New York but has lived in a variety of countries, including France, Italy, Singapore, e Netherlands, and the US. Sophisticated, authentic, and almost Zen, this new scent could be described as dawning and of a masculine nature.

Describing her creation, Mackenzie Reilly said:
Hossegor was developed around the smell of water, notably while surfing in Indonesia. e concept of wet woods, sea salt, mineral notes, rocky seaside cliffs, ocean evaporating on skin, and the elusive scent of ambergris. e scent is clean, fresh, elemental, and mineral, while also being a true sensual skin-scent. A key note for the green top is Mastic, resin from a Mediterranean tree, which grows by the sea in rocky, saline environments.”

Imagine getting lost as you watch the the sun rise over the deep blue sea; then walking through a pine forest to reach a completely deserted beach. e balsamic scent of pines merges with sea salt, in a mesmerising and indelible dejavu. You are alone, yet surrounded by the powerful sounds of nature, a unison of voices speaking to a place deep inside your soul. e whole universe reveals itself in the movement of the waves, whispering peaceful melodies as the wind brushes through the trees. In a special place, far from civilization, you finally become whole, absorbing profound meanings that words cannot express.

This is the essence of Hossegor, a soulful scent that evokes the beauty of spiritually connecting with nature in its most raw and uncontaminated form. “You walk through woods wet with spray and alive. Your fingertips, the tendrils of a fern, reach into the deep foliage, dissolve into the infinite. Why do you travel to where the sun shakes your hand? What good is devotion if it cannot combine body, land, sea, sky into equal parts loneliness and love? Lie down and rest here. And be made whole.” (Hossegor, France: 43°39’52.6″N 1°23’51.7″W)

Top Notes – juniper, lentisque (mastic), black pepper, sea salt
Middle Notes – clary sage absolute, orris root, olibanum resin, solar accord
Base Notes – ambergris, vetiver, mineral musks, wet woods, Ambrox, sea moss

Mackenzie Reilly has been fascinated by fragrances since a very young age. After attending IFF’s Perfumery School, she went on to pursue her dream of becoming a perfume creator. She is intuitive, passionate, and loves to experiment in the lab, developing raw and virginal ideas that divert from market trends.

“Perfumery is an exceptionally abstract for of art, which gives perfumers lots of creative license,” she said. “It’s also incredibly intimate, touching memories and the emotional part of the brain.”


Hossegor was launched in 2018.


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Hossegor A Lab on Fire

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