FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya

4.80 из 5
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FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya

FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya

Rated 4.80 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya for women and men of Joya

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Joya team has produced sensual fragrances in hand cast porcelain bottles, with perfume wands dipped in 22 karat gold. In addition to the exquisite parfums, the collection also includes travel size parfums and indulgent, artisanal soaps with porcelain trays.

Composition No. 6, an intoxicating perfume oil housed in slipcast black porcelain
bottle and 22k gold dipped wand.

Top Note: Fujian cypress, juniper berries and tangy yuzu.
Middle Note: silken lotus leaves and blossoms, enhanced by a fresh air accord.
Dry Down: lush, green meadowgrass blended with rich cedarwood, saffron, and

Joya has always valued the element of surprise—and incorporated this admiration
into its range of products,” said Bouchardy. “It’s only fitting that we would offer
something as unexpected and, in many ways, anachronistic as a dyad of mysterious
perfume oils with ‘magic wands.’ For the packaging, we were inspired by the classics:
Arpege and even Helmut Lang. For the fragrances, we were inspired by our own
personal experiences and desires. Rayda Vega is the ‘nose’ behind them.

We decided to use perfume oil because it has a sensuous and lasting quality. It
interacts with a person’s chemistry and persists and transforms throughout the day
and night”.

Sarah Cihat designed the vessels for the collection and worked closely with
Bouchardy to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the parfums.

“Each piece is cast by hand and finished in New York. It’s a rather arduous process,
but every bottle truly is a work of art,” says Cihat. “Since they are all handmade—
cast, cleaned and fired—naturally, no two are exactly the same. And there are
imperfections. But this is what we love so much about this project and product—that,
while so many things are mass-produced and uniform, something as personal as
perfume is housed in a vessel that has been crafted by people. The gold-dipped wand
is especially decadent too.”

The design was inspired by the past: cut glass and round perfume bottles. Combining
these elements with a love for asymmetry found in nature results in a sheer
uniqueness of form. The bottle is small and precious like a soft stone in your hand.
There is this inherent warmth. It feels natural to hold.”

5 reviews for FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya

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    4 out of 5

    Wow! This is an unusual scent. And in a great way; so shut up and take my money! 🙂
    Without viewing the notes, my top guesses will be: 1) Juniper leaves, not the berries; 2) Desert chamomile, and 3) tiny bit of marigold, and 4) some base similar to Joya’s Foxglove. There’s a light marine accord in the background, which is notoriously hard to do for an all-natural/ botanical house. Big supporter of botanical houses. So clean & natural.
    Having owned Composition #1, Composition #6, and both the roller and full size of Foxglove, I’d have to say that Foxglove was my favorite. #6 is a close second.
    On my skin it’s very linear, and wears close. There is no way to overdose on this, so it’s office-safe. While it does lean slightly masculine, I’m a woman and enjoy this, along with other uinsex frags. A successful blind buy.

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    5 out of 5

    This is so mysterious yet enticing. It smells like a leathery, herbaceous, animalic, laundry detergent. A little bit like creed silver mountain water. I’m in awe at how weird, cool, yet wearable this is.
    I’m back peddling with the drydown though :L

  3. :

    5 out of 5

    Masculine to me. I am female. I still love to wear it. Straight from the bottle it’s very clean and pleasantly soapy (not powdery, which is good because I hate powder). On me it’s calm, soft, spicy. There’s a smidge of something citrus and bugspray-ish about it…I like it. There is fresh water and sweet pineyness, slightly warm.
    It reminds me of what Axe is supposed to be-inviting, clean, interesting. Not harsh chemicals

  4. :

    5 out of 5

    Green, clean, herbaceous, slightly earthy…but soft, rounded, and made gentle by the sea and grass notes. It’s aromatic, calming and very addictive!!! This is the way I wish most shampoos smelled! I also love how it is unisex, maybe just slightly leaning toward masculine, but not by much. I adore it.

  5. :

    5 out of 5

    Joya FvsS No. 6 is an interesting composition that stands out for its utter lack of sweetness. There’s not even a drop of sweet floral in this one, let alone the vanilla sugar that we find in so many scents today. I do see Yuzu and Lotus listed among its notes, but my nose doesn’t detect them at all. No. 6 is all about the green earthy notes.
    No. 6 is so green and earthy that it borders on masculine to my nose, which means some women as well as men will absolute love it! Fresh-cut grass and freshly-turned soil for spring planting are the first things that come to mind when I wear this one. Throw in some trees and moss, too. This scent is the olfactory equivalent of shady trees in a dewy green meadow. It smells very natural and herbal and harmonious.
    The format is perfume oil, so the sillage is a little softer than an alcohol-based perfume would be, but the longevity is excellent. This is a lovely scent for Spring and a refeshing blast of green amidst all the sweet scents out there.

FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya

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