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Ere PK Perfumes

Rated 4.40 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
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Ere PK Perfumes for women and men of PK Perfumes



“A fresh green forest fragrance which took more than two years to complete. Before Red Leather, I considered Ere my best. I have worked on Ere for more than two years. Especially for Ere, I go into the California Sierra mountains and harvest a fern and process it to use in the fragrance. I know of only one other perfumer who is using this fern in their work.” – a note from the perfumer.

Ere by PK Perfumes is a Aromatic Green fragrance for women and men. Ere was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Paul Kiler. The fragrance features galbanum, fern, cloves, black tea, hay, juniper berries, immortelle, bulgarian rose, boronia, genet, angelica, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, mastic or lentisque, cypriol oil or nagarmotha, tobacco, balsam fir and oakmoss.

5 reviews for Ere PK Perfumes

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    4 out of 5

    Fantastic forest scent! Conifer that smells like wilderness high in the mountains! It opens with a smell of pine boughs – possibly from the balsam fir, and mastic note which smells like pine sap. There’s an enriched effect from spice and animalic notes. They add native embellishment to the scent of the trees. Late in the drydown, vetiver becomes dominant, and although I wish the pine stayed in the lead, this is one of the best forest scents I’ve smelled. So good I wore this for several days in a row. Really love this!

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    5 out of 5

    If in Pentecost Paul, in my vision, captures the vibrant and cheerful floral aura of spring, in Ere he seems to capture the sober and resilient autumn aspect of a station that i see, phisically and metaphorically, as the beginning of preparation and transformation to the hard times that will follow. Here, the vibrant intensity gives space to an aura which starts to be fresher, light and dry, and to a scenario which favors the smell of dried leaves and the wood that were before decorated with flowers. There is something on Ere that sounds wild, masculine and very natural at the same time that this seems to be from all Paul fragrances the coziest and most fatherly one. The choice of a fougere olfactive structure to represent this enviroment is perfect and this is for sure one of the best fougeres that i had smelled. One thing that i never liked on this kind of fragrance is the repetition of the same notes: lavender overdoses, the exaggerated use of geranium sinthetics, the always constant tonka use. Instead, the perfumer constructs an alternative structure focusing on the sensations that a fougere gives, the fresh, sharp and herbaceous aroma. This is one fougere with a very clear pine and fir aura, but without the usual density that those essences produces. This to me seems kind of an impressionist fougere, where there is a little bit of spices, a little bit of green tea aromas, a slightly subtle floral aura, tobacco shades, aroma of several flowers and the smell of fresh resins slightly minty. Is as if the shape of this forest and the dinamics of the fougere family in its classic side was captured without highlighint any element, which seems a hard task, considering the outstanding behavior of several of the essences he list for this creation. Is another of his creations that i found simply splendid in its harmony and serenity.

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    5 out of 5

    Ere is one of Kiler’s personal favorite works. According to Kiler’s website, he harvests a plant called the Kit-Kit Dizzie Fern just for this blend. That care and devotion is absolutely noticeable in this fragrance, and if it weren’t for one little fluke, this would absolutely be full bottle worthy for me, despite the cost.
    My immediate impression from Ere is “THE WOODS,” caps intended. This is definitely a green fragrance–not a bright, herbal green, but a dark, mossy forest green, absolutely at home in a Thomas Kinkade painting. I detect dry branches, sappy trees, and pine needles. I also get a note that straddles the border between green and syrupy; I’m pretty sure that’s the aforementioned fern. But something else will catch your attention here, some form of spice. When I first sniffed this fragrance, I had some trouble placing it; I jotted down “cinnamon?” in my notes. After another half an hour, I realized I was smelling cloves, and quite a hefty dose of them. I felt like I was at a secluded cottage in the woods, sipping a hot toddy on the porch.
    Over the next hour, more woodsy notes and herbs came foreward. The vetiver, juniper, and fir notes become more prominent. Angelica and Boronia, plus a dash of tea leaf, keep it all from smelling dry. Ere maintains a resinuous, sappy-but-not-sickly-sweet quality that I find incredibly appealing.
    But what remains dominant on my skin is the clove. Now, I love the scent of cloves, but they’re incredibly strong. And it’s a bit odd to me why that one note lingers so long, and why it’s so overpowering in a fragrance that’s meant to elicit images of the mountains. You can smell those firs, ferns, herbs, needles…but always under that haze of clove.
    In the middle of my journey with Ere, I noticed a bit of a powdery, dusty feel creeping in. This seems to be part of the Kiler DNA: powdery notes that never feel old, they simply soften everything. I think this is the rose coming forward.
    After about 6 hours, the fragrance dries down to a resinuous, balsamic finish with none of the herbal notes remaining. The clove lingers, though it’s not as overpowering at this point. There’s also a tinge of something like o-zone or fresh air. I have absolutely no idea what magic creates that, but it’s very impressive. It’s the end of a hike through the woods, when you reach the precipice of the mountain and relish your journey.
    Ere has moderate to heavy sillage on my skin, depending on how much you apply and how long it’s been on your skin. The lasting power is pretty impressive: I get well over 8 hours of wear from this one.
    Overall, this is a great fragrance. I just wish the clove wasn’t so strong for so long. While it’s an interesting note, it can drown out all of the great stuff that’s going on in the rest of the composition…and it’s some pretty great stuff.

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    5 out of 5

    When I put this perfume on my skin, I am led, immediately, to one of those scenes of Woody Woodpecker cartoon, in which a tree is cut and it yells: “timber!”, and the tree always falls over the other character.
    This fragrance took 2 years to get ready and is one of the favorites of its creator, Mr. Paul Kiler, when it comes to personal use. He went to the Sierra Mountains, in California, to reap a specific fern for this composition, which features notes of galbanum, Kit-Kit-Dizze fern (name of Indian origin), cloves, black tea, hay, Juniper, Immortelle, Bulgarian rose absolute, boronias, Genet absolute (Spanish broom) – a dark wax that becomes liquid when subjected to heat, with floral and sweet aspect –, Angelica, vetiver from Haiti, patchouli, cedar, mastic (resin obtained from the Mastic tree), sandarac (resin obtained from a small tree of the Cypress family), cypriol, tobacco, Fir balsam and oakmoss.
    According to Paul, during the summer, this fern produces a rich gum, which covers their leaves with a sticky resin of strong aroma, able to stick on your clothes, if you walk through the meadow. The name of the fragrance comes from archaic English, meaning “before” and was inspired by the memories of the perfumer during his childhood.
    At first glance, I can see this fragrance as another product aimed at the male audience. During the first hour of use, it features mossy and green aspect. Then, it starts to become more balanced and can transport you to a forest, as well as to an ancient library, surrounded by hardwood everywhere, with shelves full of scrolls and old books. Then, becomes a very charming and elegant Woody fragrance.
    About 5 hours after applied, no longer exudes as much as other fragrances from this House, but remains alive on the skin. Past 9 hours of its application, the aroma continued steady and strong on the skin, but without projection. In any case, the tests were performed by using samples. Therefore, if sprayed from a full bottle, can result in more projection. For the fans of woody and dense fragrances, ERE is a gem.

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    3 out of 5

    Ere is a crisp, green aromatic that modernizes coniferous forest-floor type scents while simultaneously referencing the historical trajectory of men’s fragrance.
    Opening with a bracing surge of greenery, Ere deploys an unusual semi-sweet fern alongside a prominent galbanum to situate you within the undergrowth. Grassy notes of vetiver are supplemented by a touch of clove bud to attenuate the bitter presence of roots, maintaining instead a brighter sensation of forestry rather than overemphasizing the soil itself. And this is one of the first striking components of Ere: the scent is highly naturalistic, yet spares the wearer some of the more fetid aspects of nature—not by eradicating them per se, but instead by locating the fern/galbanum as the prominent focus of the composition. It’s here that the scent first seems to cite aromatic powerhouses, recalling vetiver-based classics, but without any overt sharpness. Yet the modern twist the scent provides is that the citrus notes generally featured in the opening of such classics are re-imagined here through a hint of rose that doesn’t fully emerge until the scent has settled onto the skin.
    While Ere’s opening is courteous enough to keep you from getting your feet too dirty, what follows is an intriguing notion of ascension as the bright head notes lower to reveal a body that’s as refreshing as the opening, only now sweetened further by the full emergence of the rose and what appears to be a hint of berry. This effect creates an impression of movement in that the coniferous forest seems to separate and open into a clearing of sorts, allowing for an additional level of natural brightness to emerge that reflects more upon the homophonic title of the fragrance itself. Rather than simply replicating a static environment, the scent feels animated in that a narrative progression is deployed to transport you from one aspect of the forest into another. As the rose develops and assumes a more pronounced role among the ferns, a new tension emerges through the pairing of notes that work seamlessly yet raise the question: can roses grow within the soil of coniferous forests? This, of course, underscores the challenge faced by representational perfumery—recreating elements as they might exist in nature rather than simply pairing complimentary notes. Yet what this rose note seems to do more than anything is to accentuate a subtle and mysterious floral texture already present within the coniferous fern. It’s here that I’m reminded of Lubin’s Itasca in which harsh greenery is softened by bitter-sweet notes to present a new twist on a classical scent. Ere’s indeed doing something similar, but the sense of movement up from the undergrowth lends a more dynamic texture.
    As the scent settles, the impressionistic reference to clean air becomes most apparent. The bracing greenery and coniferous notes continue to drop away maintaining the notion of ascension and rendering the shrubbery as a detectable, yet distanced trace. It’s here that the clove and the baronia carry the scent through the remainder of its wearing, providing a clarity that avoids becoming overly soapy, nor does it derail into the abrasive territories of “chemically clean.” What’s captured is a sense of air with Ere that’s quite stunning, and this is a fragrance that accomplishes a number of feats impressively. It’s well-suited for lovers of men’s classics as much as it is for lovers of modern fresh scents. Although others selections from the brand speak more toward my own personal preference, for fans of crisp, green aromatics, this one’s distinctive enough to warrant further exploration.

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