Eau de Weil Weil

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Eau de Weil Weil

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Eau de Weil Weil for women of Weil

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Perfume line Weil was founded by three brothers, who have energetic and cheerful temperament and find their inspiration for perfumes in fur. Luxurious fur, Roaring Twenties, is signed by creators Alfred, Jacques and Marcel Weil.

Perfumer Claude Frayesse in cooperation with Marcel Weil made the first perfumes packed in Baccarat flacons back in 1927. Their names associate us of expensive fur: Zibeline, Chinchilla, Royal and Hermine.

Marcel Weil’s death in 1933 did not stop expanding their fragrant collection and adding several other perfumes: Bambou, Cassandra and Noir.

The Weil family started living as emigrants in the USA from 1940. They started presenting their new fragrant oils: Secret de Venus, and when they returned to Paris in 1946 they introduced two other editions: Antilope and Padisha.

Together with Jean Pierre Weil the brand Weil modernized in 1960 and published Eau de Fracheur, which was placed as a unisex fragrance because of its freshness. Editions Gentilhomme from 1966, Weil de Weil from 1970, Chunga from 1977 and Weil for men from 1980 were added. The year of 1984 was very significant for Weil, since a great success was achieved with Bambou, which was attractive for its aquatic-fruity accords. Perfume Kipling was introduced in 1986, Bambou and Eau de Fracheur received new packages in 1991.

The brand Weil has been in ownership of Interparfums (Aroli Aromes Ligeriens) since 2002. Perfumes Weil pour Homme from 2004, SweetBambou from 2005 and So Weil from 2007 have been introduced since.

Eau de Weil is a floral green fragrance with accentuated mixtures of citrusy zests of Calabria with pink pepper. Top notes incorporate mandarin, bergamot and pink pepper, a heart includes mimosa, peach blossom, jasmine, rose and violet, while base notes encompass musk, cedar, vanilla and amber. The perfume is available as 50 and 100 ml EDP: This is the latest perfume of the Weil collection, introduced in 2008.

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    3 out of 5

    This sounds like it might resemble Weil de Weil which I just lurve and miss.

Eau de Weil Weil

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