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DEN RUIK for women and men of RUIK

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“Every year there is a huge Christmas tree on the Dam. With its characteristic scent, it is the symbol of the festive season. The 90-year-old tree would have been shredded after the holidays, but we saved it! 1028 kilo of needles and twigs went into the destiller. After distilling, we have aged the essential oil for six months and combined it with 100% plantabased fragrances. It is a large fresh-green fragrance, with an abundance of woody tones and a soft cinnamon hint. The ultimate ode to his warm iconic appearance.” – a note from the brand.

DEN was launched in 2017. DEN was created by Noëlle Dorenbos and Boye Dorenbos.

7 reviews for DEN RUIK

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    3 out of 5

    The opening of this fragrance is what makes this fragrance unique. Slightly fresh, sweet, woody, moist ground pine pulp.
    My progression of notes differs from some other reviewers. After the woody opening, pure cinnamon sticks appear center stage and the pine pulp recedes into the background. It smells like actual cinnamon sticks. A touch sweet but mostly spicy and ever so slightly bitter, maybe even earthy. It is not, “a soft cinnamon hint” as the perfumers describe. It’s pure cinnamon.
    I would have liked for the wood pulp opening to last far longer. For me that’s what makes the fragrance special. The cinnamon is nice and in keeping with the Christmas tree theme, but for me will limit me wearing the fragrance to very cold weather and the Christmas season. It’s too specific of a scent. If the pine pulp was dominant I could see myself enjoying this at any time of year.
    I love the concept of the company, I love that they are local to me, and I love the concept of their perfumes. I’ll definitely be sampling more of their offerings as they become available.

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    5 out of 5

    It does not smell like balsamic at all, as could be deduced, I mean not so coniferous exceptthe first seconds of weird aromatic smell.
    It smells more of white woods, of sauna, a light smoky and almond-tonka aura. Yes a sort of citrus Tonka blend.
    Light spicy, no properly cinnamon noticed, plus herbs and flowers, chamomile, diried by the summer sun, almost hay.
    A simple warm scent good for fireplace and a book. Also for a romantic quite night.
    Good really. I was sceptical because of christmas trees but this is many way better of thousand of niche scents. Actually more suitable for a man.

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    5 out of 5

    I was also a lucky winner of a sample. Thanks, Fragrantica and RUIK!
    My first reaction was mixed. I wasn’t sure if I liked DEN on me. I don’t usually go for woody scents and I have a complicated relationship with pine. Fir is very close to pine and I have to say that initially I got the same association to a Finnish cleaning product called Mäntysuopa that I get from all prominent pine notes. (That stuff contains pine oil. It might be something similar to Grønnsåpe that Tiwalii mentioned in her review?) If you haven’t been exposed to Nordic cleaning products, you have nothing to worry about, it won’t bother you 😀
    When it comes to niche perfumes, I never love them right away. Usually it takes some time to get to know them and learn to appreciate them. This was the case with DEN. You have to give it time to settle on your skin. Although DEN is made of a Christmas tree (What a genius idea!) and the notes include cinnamon, it is not a “Christmas scent”. You can wear this pretty much any season. I didn’t find the cinnamon note particularly strong. It’s there, but I just get a little whiff of it every now and then.
    The scent of fir is very strong. You can smell the needles and the sap and everything. In the beginning DEN is a bit sharper and crispier, almost citrusy, but it dries down to a more rounded woody scent. I enjoy the dry down very much. This is a well blended high quality perfume. It’s obviously not as strong as synthetic perfumes, but for a natural perfume the longevity is impressive. It’s definitely unisex. If you are looking for a realistic, green and fresh fir fragrance, DEN is for you.

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    5 out of 5

    I won a sample of this here on Fragrantica, and I recieved my sample earlier today. Thank you so much to both Fragrantica and RUIK for the opportunity to smell this creation!
    Wow, this is utterly beautiful! I actually got a little teary-eyed when I first smelled this. It really moves me. It feels very poetic. Like a hymn to nature, and to the forest.
    This is not just a typical fir needle scent. It has a touch of that coniferous smell, yes, but also so much more. This is the scent of an entire fir tree, with needles, bark, the core of the trunk, the fresh tree sap, dried fir resin and the wood infused air that surrounds it. It smells so pleasant and natural, and it lasts quite a long time on my skin.
    The opening is on the fresh green side. Like smelling the moist and natural sweet green scent of fir tree sap. I can also detect a soft spicy sweetness from the cinnamon, which makes the scent reminiscent of christmas.
    After a while the freshness from the tree sap fades and the scent becomes slightly deeper and denser. I detect more of the bark, woodiness of the trunk and the fir resin. The cinnamon is still present, and keeps the sweetness alive. It also gives the scent a lovely warming glow.
    After about an hour or an hour and half on my skin there is a soft and quite pleasant soapiness in the background. It reminds me a bit of the soapy feeling I get from The Body Shop Smoky Poppy (a dark, creamy, spicy soap – very soft and slightly vintage like) and the clean smell of a norwegian washing product for wooden floors called “Grønnsåpe” (which smells like fir).
    In the drydown I get fir resin and a lovely sweetness that smells a bit like light honey. The initial bright green sap smell is actually detectable in the drydown as well. Such a lovely surpise. There is a faint nuance in there that reminds me of waxy, ambery labdanum as well – maybe it’s a part of the fir resin? It’s really lovely!
    Even though the scent has that soft christmas vibe, I still feel that this is a very versatile scent. There is enough green freshness in here to work in spring, and enough denser woody and resinous notes to make it work well in fall.
    Sillage is medium on my skin, and the scent lasts about 7-8 hours on me.
    I really love this, and I love the entire concept behind this scent. I will definitely purchase a bottle! 🙂

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    3 out of 5

    I have just received a sample of this perfume. I am very pleased and surprised. It smells all natural and very nice, not like a bathroom cleaner that many fragrances comprising of such notes do. Thumbs up, considering buying a bottle.

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    3 out of 5

    I’m so sad to hear that I can’t get a bottle or two of DEN sent to the U.S. I would dearly love to smell and to own this one!

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    4 out of 5

    How whimsical!! This is literally a Christmas tree scent made from an iconic tree that would of otherwise been wasted. Love the concept! Extremely tempted to order some if the shipping to Canada is reasonable. Wish I had this on now, as I sit in front of my gorgeous albeit fake tree the only thing missing is the nostalgic scent of fir.
    Update: they don’t ship outside of Europe at all. I guess being so niche and small makes it difficult. Oh well. If they are looking for Canadian distribution and read this PM me I got hook ups here.


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