Canturi Stefano Canturi

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Canturi Stefano Canturi

Rated 3.56 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)

Canturi Stefano Canturi for women of Stefano Canturi

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Canturi was conceived as a modern interpretation of classic chypre and oriental perfumes, inspired by the artistic avant-garde era of Cubism, considered to be one of the most creative of periods. Canturi is a magic potion that captures a feeling, emotion and mood of that period, a mood that primarily emphasizes confidence.

The original, rich and elegant composition of this lively artistic fragrance bursts with energy at its opening filled with citrus notes. Opulent woods and spicy aromas are accompanied by deep nuances of sophistication and sensuality. This perfume that emanates exoticism and special warmth was developed in collaboration with the perfumer Kevin Verspoor.

Refreshing top notes of Calabrian bergamot, mandarin leaf and neroli are flooding in magnificent bouquet of Damask rose, night blooming jasmine, Florentine iris and lily of the valley, followed by intoxicating modern notes of patchouli, amber, musk and vetiver. Tahitian vanilla, red cedar and oak moss add the final touch of depth and luxury.

The Cubism signature style of interlocking inspired the design of the bottle. It is round with elegant black lattice, while the golden juice of the perfume shines from within.

Canturi is available as EDP of 50 and 100 ml.
Canturi was launched in 2010.

9 reviews for Canturi Stefano Canturi

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    3 out of 5

    I bought this totally blind. I have become a chypre lover …and this does not disapoint. The bottle is awesome and the scent is fantastic as well. It does lean masculine/unisex. I get greenness fore sure…a vintage vibe. Woody/cedary…yes…underlying “citrus” somehow.
    Smoothness. It changes on my skin upon different wearings. Sometimes the sillage is BIG, other times more subtle…???…very interesting. Overall, I am happy to own this..and enjoying it more and more. Like I always say: ” Be patient, get to know the fragrance, and let it get to know you…”. Spend “time” with the scent.
    This one is becoming a favorite friend to me.

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    4 out of 5

    I just got this based on the notes that are my favorite- cedar and oakmoss- being a female, its hard to find these notes so that they are prominent but not too masculine. I love the aged feel to this- like an old Victorian trunk that held fragrant herbs. Could definitely be worn by both sexes with no confusion. Even though the note isn’t there, I get a bit of tobacco. I bought this hoping it would be close to any of the naomi goodsir fragrances and I was not dissapointed. This is definitely not for someone who enjoys a sweet cotton candy type scent, but more for those who enjoy the smell of something aged by memories. The price was amazing, the sillage is great and the lonegvity so far is spectacular.Think of a cedar box that once held dried flowers, herbs and spices. It’s been carefully stored for many decades but was exposed to moisture in the air that it absorbed into its contents.It strikes some memory in me that I can’t put my finger on from my childhood- a very deep resonant fragrance.As you can see to the left- the scents people may like in addition to this are all expensive brands. This is a way to get that deep expensive experience at a fraction of the price.
    update- forgot to add that I owned encre noir hoping for this, but the vetiver in that is just way too organic and somewhat “human” in a bad way. This balances out so that everything just blends wonderfully.

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    3 out of 5

    I picked this up on eBay for a price I couldn’t resist. I’d read all the reviews and thought there was a good chance I wouldn’t like it. There are notes in this I desperately want to like, but that have so often disappointed me in other perfumes. Fingers crossed, I sprayed, leaned in for a sniff, and…mmmmm. I agree that this has masculine elements, but for some reason, I can’t stop leaning in to smell it on myself. It just smells clean, fresh, and natural. I’m reminded of my husband’s soap, but not exactly. It’s far better than that. I’m three hours into my first wear, and I’ve enjoyed every stage thus far. I’ve smelled a lot of perfumes, and have found a bunch that take a while before they reach their sweet spot. I understand that sometimes I’ll need to exercise patience before judging a fragrance. That gets tiresome, though, and there are moments I want instant gratification. Canturi provides that gift. I have no idea what impression this would give to someone else smelling it on me. It’s definitely unexpected.
    EDIT: I’ve worn this twice now. It’s quite strong and can be overwhelming. I plan to dilute it a bit to see if that helps. I still enjoy it, but at this strength I imagine I wouldn’t be able to wear it often.
    SECOND EDIT: My husband caught a whiff of this and loved it. It has since moved into his scent collection. One spray in the morning and I can still smell it on him when he comes home. A great value if you like strong fragrances.

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    3 out of 5

    I bought this as a blind buy based on a review by a gentleman that gave it glowing marks, and he said this was his signature. His review, sadly, is no longer posted. I was intrigued by the cedar, as I love cedar. This being said, it is an okay scent but it is very manly. I gave it to my husband not mentioning it is intended as a woman’s perfume and he loves it. This definitely a man’s perfume.

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    5 out of 5

    This is definitely a unisex fragrance! Bought a bottle many years ago when it first came out and DH mostly wore it as I found it a little strong & spicy for my taste but then lately I’ve started to wear what’s left and suddenly I have a new appreciation for this beauty. It’s a warm bold spicy oriental to start with but not “incense” style – somehow cleaner and more modern. After 30 mins it settles down to a powdery light floral with a lovely creamy drydown. Very long lasting 12+ hours. Gorgeous scent for both men & women.

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    3 out of 5

    The spicy top notes are a bit overpowering the first hour or so after spraying but let it settle and it softens into a beautiful, sophisticated floral. You’ll literally fall in love with your skin. When I have it on I can’t stop sniffing my arm! Longevity is amazing at 10+ hours!
    It really won’t suit everyone but don’t let the pungent top notes scare you, under the surface… it is magic.

  7. :

    3 out of 5

    I just adore this, elegance in a bottle. It is very similar to Coco Chanel on me, slightly more modern. Has lasted beautifully after 8 hours and my shower.warm and spicy, just divine.

  8. :

    5 out of 5

    Wow, I could smell tobacco in this.
    I was handed a test ribbon, i thought it was a bit eucalyptus as first but I decided to let it dry before I tried it again.
    The drydown is of very powdery, floral chypre, musky and elegant.
    Although it reminded me of White Diamonds at first, it still had it’s youth. It wasn’t cursed with an old lady, toilet spray smell, it was still very pleasant, to put it simply.
    I would give as a gift to a mature minded woman, not necessarily of any age, as a ‘new’ thing to enjoy, something out of their comfort zone.

  9. :

    3 out of 5

    This is the first fragrance released from the Australian jewellery design house of Canturi. It comes in perhaps the most exquisite bottle I have seen, a work of art in itself evoking an oriental/art deco feel. This would be a beautiful adornment on any dresser for sure!
    Although classified here as a chypre floral, to my nose it is more a classic oriental. Opening for me begins with a medley of citrus and spices although I note no spices are listed. The floral notes are well balanced with the amber and patchouli. The oriental feel I believe is mainly attributed to the cedar/oak moss base.
    I like this offering from Canturi enormously. It has been released here in the Australian summer, and I would happily wear it during the hotter months, but ideally would suit winter. It keeps drawing me back to test it mainly because the staying power is not great so I can’t be with it long enough to fully appreciate it. Still, this is the only draw back as far as I can see.

Canturi Stefano Canturi

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