Brigand Jacques Esterel

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Brigand Jacques Esterel

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Brigand Jacques Esterel for women of Jacques Esterel

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Brigand by Jacques Esterel is a fragrance for women. Brigand was launched in 1962. The fragrance features rosemary, plum, pepper, green notes, carnation, patchouli, leather and musk.

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    3 out of 5

    Brigand is an interesting vintage perfume , with a lovely plummy fruity opening . The fruity hint does not last long , it is not a sweet fragrance . Not that floral either : it has and edgy pepperiness and yes , I perceive carnation . A perfume to steer clear of if you love modern fruity florals as you would not find it feminine . But if you are familiar with perfumes of the past and you enjoy sugar-free ones , you might enjoy it . My Parfum de Toilette bottle is from the 70s and still smells good. It is mossy enough to be considered a chypre with a little leather but no strong balsamic notes . I find it rather austere, naughty and a little androgynous : not a bad thing , for me !
    Jacques Esterel has been a famous and successful French fashion designer , YSL’s rival . He created the pink / white marriage dress of famous French actress Brigitte Bardot .

Brigand Jacques Esterel

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