Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana

4.40 из 5
(5 отзывов)

Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana

Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana

Rated 4.40 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana for women and men of La Collina Toscana

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Borgo delle Stelle (Village of the Stars) is a balsamic floral green chypre. It belongs to the limited collection La Collina Toscana Tuscany Reserve, which includes 4 scents.

“Balsamic alchemy, floral and chypre. Rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang blossoms melt unexpectedly together with saffron scent embroidering a joyous and lively heart enriched with iris, violet, heliotrope and nagarmotha, a blend inviting to discover a memory of woody nuances, musk and vanilla.” Borgo delle Stelle was launched in 2011.

5 reviews for Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana

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    5 out of 5

    Borgo delle Stelle
    Perfumer: Mark Zini
    I love this blue gem…. It is unisex, and feels like wearing candy…. Maybe it’s because of the name, Village of the Stars, it conjures up a small village up on the mountains, surrounded by stars, it’s a bit chilly, but the village is spectacularly beautiful.
    Definitely white floral, so even though it is marketed as unisex, scent-wise it leans towards feminine (don’t pay attention to this, wear whatever you like), very safe for blind buy. Great longevity and silage.
    Among 6 eau the parfum from La Collina Toscana (yes I have them all), THIS IS THE ONE THAT I LOVE THE MOST!!!
    In my mind, Borgo delle Stelle is the second brother, while Loggia dei Mercanti is the breadwinner for the family, Borgo delle Stelle is the one responsibles for making sure that the whole family got fed and taken care of. He’s like the mother figure for the family. He is composed, kind but stern, very responsible, and he likes to keep his feelings to himself and suffer alone.

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    4 out of 5

    A gentle and soft unisex scent. I get most Saffron, Heliotrope, Oakmoss, Cypriol oil, violet and Musk. A scent that is not skinclose but neihter in your face. Dancing around you for many hours and I get wiffs now and then from it.
    En mjuk och skön unisex-doft. jag får mest Saffran, Heliotrop, Ekmossa, Cypress, Viol och Musk. En doft som inte är hudnära men heller inte skrikig. Dansar runt mig och ger doftfläktar då och då.

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    5 out of 5

    oh, I love the way Italians make perfume. In my opinion it feels most alive. This is sad to market Italy, and Italians cant even find this? There’s definently something very wrong with this picture. However this perfume looks absolutely amazing. I collect saffron perfumes and this looks like a must have! I only wish it were truely Italian. That makes me want to just wait for one to pop up on ebay, rather than paying full price.

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    5 out of 5

    This scent is feminine and has no vetiver!
    Maybe Putra440 messed up.
    This is a dark, deep, feminine scent!
    At first it is sharp then it becomes a soft fragrance, almost creamy in its musky sweetness.
    The shining stars that illuminate the deep darkness of the night sky.
    An ode to femininity made with a harmonious bouquet of jasmine, iris, violet, rose and heliotrope.
    The vanilla base and, above all, the saffron in opening make it original, slightly dusty, almost, barely woody.
    Composition remarkable, that has nothing to envy to the most famous fragrances, and with a persistence of respect.
    I’ve seen it for sale on some sites Germans and Spaniards.
    The disturbing thing (and that should make us think) is that I still have not found where to buy this perfume very Italian here in Italy ..

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    3 out of 5

    The price is great, the longevity great, sillage great, and I love the smell. An earthy vetiver that even has a ‘wet’ smell to it. In cooler weather you can wear it anywhere anytime. Can still be worn in warmer months, but you would need to save it for nice dinners and upscale events. Cool spring nights works great too.

Borgo delle Stelle La Collina Toscana

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