Bed Perfume Oil Bobbi Brown

Bed Perfume Oil Bobbi Brown

Bed Perfume Oil Bobbi Brown

Bed Perfume Oil Bobbi Brown for women of Bobbi Brown

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Bed Perfume Oil is a new fragrance launched by the house of Bobbi Brown. The fragrance hits the shelves as a limited edition starting from 2012, in dark glass flacons, 6.7 ml each.

“Nothing is so sexy as the skin gently scented with hot perfume oil,” as the Bobbi Brown company states. The new fragrance has been presented as very opulent and sensual and it offers a blend of carefully selected jasmine flowers, orange blossom and neroli, It is recommended to apply the perfume oil in drops on pulsating spots on the body and to rub it gently. Also, perfume oil Bobbi Brown Bed can be used in dosages and applied repeatedly during the day according to your wishes. It is not intended for use as bath oil or linen oil.

The glass bottles of Bobbi Brown Bed oil are inspired by the shape of an antique flacon that Bobbi Brown admires. They are made of glass and are laid in boxes colored in black and gold. The fragrance is available in limited number.


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Bed Perfume Oil Bobbi Brown

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