Baldinini For Man Baldinini

Baldinini For Man Baldinini

Baldinini For Man Baldinini

Baldinini For Man Baldinini for men of Baldinini

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At the end of 2014 Baldinini presents new fragrant pair which will embody style, tradition and skills of the company and emphasize sophistication and timeless elegance of woman and strong personality of mane. Designers of the house took care of each detail, packaging and bottles of the new fragrances, creating harmony between glass surfaces and accessories evoking details of leather collection of the house of Baldinini. The bond between skills, innovation and quality is reflected in new design and in the fragrances for which precious raw ingredients were used.

Edition for men Baldinini for Man stands out for its fine oriental-spicy aromas describing charisma of man and his strength. Top notes are energetic and vibrant, blending bitter orange, ginger and mandarin. The heart is elegant and spicy, composed of cardamom, coriander and carnation, while drydown in an intriguing blend of olibanum, tobacco and suede. Men’s version is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette accompanied with after shave.

Flacons of the new fragrances are made of glass, cube-shaped, with leather details as ‘ties’. They have clean lines and are crowned with massive caps. The cap of male edition is somewhat larger than the one on female version. Outer cartons are also elegant and rich, combining black and orange for women’s edition and black and brown color for men’s edition with leather details and GB emblems.


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Baldinini For Man Baldinini

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