Bahjah Amouage

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Bahjah Amouage

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Bahjah Amouage for women and men of Amouage

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The word ” Attar “comes from the Urdu language and means” Fragrance Divine “, a definition which stresses the power of the magician in his wake. Formerly took the name of “Ittar” which in Arabic means “Heavenly Fragrance”.
According to legend, the birth of ‘ Attar is due to an accidental event. One day, the Persian Queen Nour-Dijhan, walking among the streams of the imperial garden, he noticed a veil fat floating on the water at the point where they drop thousands of roses. After collecting a few drops of that liquid gold with a peacock feather and it smelled, the queen was enchanted by what he called heavenly scent. Because of the sharp fall had been a natural process of distillation, which had brought to the surface the essence of the rose and gave birth to the first Attar of Rose. L ‘ Attar is completely free of alcohol and comes in an oily substance made by the soul alone, and only smelling extracted from natural raw materials, according to ancient procedures for processing.

Its name in Arabic means “Joy”. A touch of radiance evoked by the essence of Lime invites the senses to be conquered by this attar that, thanks to its wake, inspires a feeling of serenity. The bright and vibrant shades of the top notes disappear upon the arrival of an accord of Animal Musk and Oliban that emit vibrations full of sensuality and spirituality. The sensual aroma of Musk joins the Oliban hieratic aura. The sacred and the profane become perfume. The essence distilled from the bark of fine wood notes wrapped in velvet tail and intensifies the final moments of Bahjah.

Available in 12 ml bottle.

4 reviews for Bahjah Amouage

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    4 out of 5

    Gorgeous modern perfume oil from Amouage whose name translates to joy and what a joyful Oriental this is. The perfume opens with a note of beautiful lime and moves to a heart of fragrant vetiver before settling into a dense woody musky base that is composed of cedar, olibanum and musk. The masculine leaning perfume is bright and has moderate to strong sillage and projection and very good longevity. Euphoric modern masculine Oriental beauty. Enjoy!

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    5 out of 5

    i’ve really changed my tune on this one, really i have. at first i was a little ‘meh.’ about it, and then after a few tries i’m a fully-fledged convert. it is UTTERLY majestic. i love this one and it is REEAAALLLYYY smooth. it works on so many levels. i don’t know if there is a particular quality that makes something ‘oriental’ or ‘western’ or even ‘middle eastern’, but this one straddles all three of these categories. it’s deep and rich (middle eastern), it’s sweet and airy (western) and exotic and peculiar (oriental). i’m going to be in a few gulf states in the next few months and so i’m gonna try and hunt this one down. it is utterly spectacular…

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    3 out of 5

    this one is niiice. doesn’t carry that standard amouage signature brutal punch of smell, but it’s quite nice. the lime adds a different dimension that makes it very delicate, and then the woodsiness and incense carries it. a masterful marriage of citrus, resin and woods. love IT!!!

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    4 out of 5

    I liked this originally. Its pungent, and very much the scent of deer antlers. It maybe an aphrodiasic love potion…But I will take a pass on this one.
    Not a favorite. The only two attars by Amouage that lost my attention would be Bahjah and Tayyiba. Tayyiba is ok for evening but not a must have. Bahjah I do not feel the love :l

Bahjah Amouage

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