Artisan Collection Roots Sarah Horowitz Parfums

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Artisan Collection Roots Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Artisan Collection Roots Sarah Horowitz Parfums for women and men of Sarah Horowitz Parfums

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The new collection from Sarah Horowitz Parfums lab is named Artisan Collection and it includes three new perfume editions: Belle Route, Roots and Wings. Belle Route, developed by master perfumer Marlene Stang, is inspired by a soap that was received from Florence, while the other two fragrances were made by Sarah Horowitz herself, inspired by a poem of her childhood.

Roots and Wings fragrances from the collection are both inspired by the poems Sarah’s father recited to her when she was little – “roots to grow and wings to fly” was the verse. These words are extremely important to Sarah and they paint a good picture of her perfume work, which often varies between lightness and darkness.

Roots is a smoky, woody and mysterious unisex fragrance that blends notes of Madagascar vanilla, oud, oak moss and orris, thus capturing aromas of a deep forest. Intense, strong and durable, this scent is not for those faint at heart.

Notes: oud, oakmoss, orris root, vanilla.

It is available as 30 ml EDP.
Artisan Collection Roots was launched in 2010.

2 reviews for Artisan Collection Roots Sarah Horowitz Parfums

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    4 out of 5

    Roots opens a bit sweet for me. The vanilla is very present in the first blast and dominates the other notes. Just when I’m starting to think it’s too sweet and not for me, it softens and the orris root takes hold. From there, it becomes a slightly sweet, very earthy scent, mostly the delightfully “rooty” orris, which is slightly green and tart, but the moss and a touch of smoky oud are detectible as well. (The oud is applied with a very light hand in this one. If you’re looking for a true oriental oud, you’ll want to look elsewhere.)
    As one would expect in a fragrance composed mostly of base notes, the longevity is excellent on this scent. Surprisingly, the sillage is also pretty good.
    In spite of all those heavy base notes in the composition, Roots seems appropriate for Spring, though I have a feeling it may overpower in the summer heat.

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    4 out of 5

    Sampling today. Roots started just oily, and I focused more on the other arm and Wings. Then I was hit by the moss and hint of oud. Hmm…I think I like it. Hmmm…is it too masculine for me? I’m a lover of oud, but there’s no floral and the oud is faint. 6 hours and I can still smell it. Today is rainy and I think I would like the mossiness better on a dry day. This is a keeper!

Artisan Collection Roots Sarah Horowitz Parfums

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