Amethyst Judith Leiber

3.78 из 5
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Amethyst Judith Leiber

Amethyst Judith Leiber

Rated 3.78 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)

Amethyst Judith Leiber for women of Judith Leiber

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The fourth fragrance from the house of Judith Leiber and the third one from the collection inspired by Streamline clutch design, is launched as the beginning of 2012 under the name of Amethyst. Amethyst, just like the previous Topaz, is named after the mineral that is often used in jewelry of this brand.

Unlike its rich and oriental predecessors, Amethyst brings fresh and sparkling floral fruity composition. It is developed by Ilias Ermenidis of Firmenich. The composition begins with fruity accords of litchi, bergamot and boysenberry, the hybrid fruit of blackberry, rapsberry and loganberry. The heart is floral and includes magnolia, gardenia, linden blossom and lily of the valley. Creamy woods, muck and amber are in the finish.

The bottle retains the form of the previous two launches, designed by Joseph Messina. It is transparent and colored in purple. The fragrance is available as 40 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

9 reviews for Amethyst Judith Leiber

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    5 out of 5

    I bought this perfume because I heard it had a Blackberry scent. Which is my favorite. I’m incredibly disappointed though. I spray it on and I can smell it for all of 5 minutes. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve tried it a few times spraying normally. Maybe I’ll have to double spray it next time and see if that helps. If not, that was 25 bucks down the toilet. upon further inspection I see it was manufactured by Palm Beach Beaute LLC. I wish I would have known that. I don’t seem to find any of their fragrances very impressive.
    Update: I tried spraying twice, where I’d normally spray once. Now I can smell it, and it does smell good. I just shouldn’t have to use that much!

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    3 out of 5

    Incredibly underrated. I love this fragrance and here’s why:
    It’s a sophisticated fruity scent. My favorite “scent family” tends to be “fruitchouli” and I’d say this definitely delivers on the fruit. It’s delicious and I get a nice lychee or berry note that stays with the whole composition.
    On a deeper sniff after it settles down I get a clean but not soapy heart. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t pin down what it is- the middle notes are too well-blended.
    Then, after taking a very deeep breath, you get a delicious clean vanilla. It doesn’t smell cheap or edible but elegant, like vanilla pods rather than cupcake batter.
    It’s so sophisticated yet sweet that I can see this being fairly universal. Perfect for every day wear and I plan on using this when I run out of my much beloved Dark Rum. Very inoffensive, safe blind buy.

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    3 out of 5

    So soft and warm. It does resemble Britney Midnight Fantasy, but it has a richer, powdery quality like LuLu, Femme de Montblanc, or Ombre Rose, but this is fleeting. All around impression is a young, candied perfume that all ages can pull off.
    Update: Coconut is not listed, but it does remind me (just a little) of the Beyonce Heat line.

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    5 out of 5

    Cake n’ cuddles, what a precise review! I couldn’t agree more.
    This was an impulsive purchase (I had red a review on the Russian Fragrantica saying it was an elegant, feminine summer perfume for special occasions) which I regretted the same day. The first impression was – a sweet nothing. A very usual, average,fresh, sweet perfume. I rather “saw” the bottle light pink, not purple, very simple, but still joyful, careless and light. It reminded me “Midnight Fantasy” by B.Spears -the same simplicity and plastic sweetness, however this perfume didn’t smell cheap in a bad way on me (that’s a plus!). I just don’t have to think about the whole look when I’m wearing this ( which is impossible when I’m wearing a Guerlain, for example).
    I gave the perfume another chance late in the evening, and my thoughts now have changed a bit. Now it rather reminds me Jeanne Couture by Lanvin ( Lanvin is a high quality perfume, of course). The opening on me smells like fresh plums! Sweet, too ripe,juicy, dark plums! Later the scent becomes sweeter, I smell more flower notes (I get the lime blossom and the lily-of-the-valley mixed with the magnolia petals). The amber is very soft on me.
    It makes me think about a summer night – a bit chilly, a bit cloudy (but the moon is still visible), the flowers and the berry bushes are smelling more intense and there’s nobody around, just the smell of this night in the wind.

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    4 out of 5

    This is joyfully synthetic and simple. Musky, linear, the notes are smudgey and soft. It’s very sweet, not very strong. I can’t really make out the gardenia in here, maybe it’s just that fresh slightly soapy floral I can smell. I think it smells more like magnolia than gardenia though. I definitely get the berries and amber. The wood is also quite noticeable.
    This fragrance smells cheap to me, and I mean it in the nicest way. It makes me think of a perfume launched by a clothing store, which maybe that is what Judith Leiber does, I actually don’t really know. This fragrance makes me think of department stores, air conditioned malls, bubble tea drinks, and care free friday afternoons. It is a casual, unapologetic, musky amber fragrance. If bath and body works had a love child between sensual amber and black amethyst maybe it would smell a little like this.
    The lasting power and projection are both quite nice, sticks around and isn’t overwhelming. Reminds me of happy, simple days. I like that it doesn’t have the cheap alcohol bite to it that synthetic smelling berry perfumes usually have, so that’s also a plus.
    This perfume makes me smile, but there’s something about synthetic berries that tend to give me a headache. So for me at least, this is a good for a carefree day, that puts me in the mall mood, when I’ve had plenty of rest.

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    5 out of 5

    Found this at Ross for $14.99 and thought I would give it a try. Pleasant skin scent, plan to test out using a berry scented lotion and then possibly a gardenia lotion to find out which works better. Longevity on me was good, sprayed on that evening and could still smell it the following morning even though nose had to be pressed against skin. Berry notes are most prevalent, specifically blackberry. All in all, not a bad blind buy but don’t think even at that price will be worthy of another bottle. Current feeling….ambivalent.

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    3 out of 5

    This is a great berry scent as it isn’t very sweet and mixes in with a lovely floral and musky background. It isn’t strong or loud yet it is present, but don’t expect monster sillage on this one. A bit like Lalique Amerhyst maybe fresher . Definitely a grown up berry scent, not worth the price tag but at a reasonable price this is a lovely berry rich scent. It stays smooth and never gets sharp on me.

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    3 out of 5

    I saw this at Ross’s at discount and it was a totally blind buy.
    I wasn’t expecting fruity floral because the bottle and name indicate something heavier and more dramatic(and usually I try to check Fragrantica for notes before I buy but my phone was dead so..)
    Its not heavy or dramatic. This smells like dark berry patch, with a hint of florals and musky drydown. I get all the berries listed, and its neither too sweet, nor too tart. I would say its a rather sophisticated fruity floral that is suitable for all ages.’s very light and siliage and projection is non existent. Lasting power is about two hours but it’s a skin scent and I can only smell it if I press my nose into my arm. Shame..I will be returning it because it’s just not worth the money

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    3 out of 5

    Judith Leiber Amethyst is divine! The litchi adds a tropical feel to the blackberry and raspberry notes, and the woods, musk, and amber, which emerge during the heart phase (on me) add a seductive creaminess to the scent. There are no sharp edges to the floral notes, and the gardenia and lily of the valley stay subdued. The lime blossom keeps the fragrance feeling fresh, but this is not a stereotypical fruity-floral by any means. It’s more like a fruity-floral-oriental and it’s easily a perfume I could wear every day!
    Update: I originally tested this while pregnant. Now that my child is here and I am no longer pregnant, I notice the fragrance is sharper on me. The floral notes stand out quite a bit more and there is much less creaminess from the woodsy notes and amber. This just goes to show the fragrance can be a chameleon on different chemistries!

Amethyst Judith Leiber

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