Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

4.00 из 5
(3 отзывов)

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums for women and men of Laurent Mazzone Parfums

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“I remember the perfume of her skin, so pure, under the influence of his claws. I only retained his Aldhèyx flavor, as this endless sleepless night. His addiction was then eternal” — press release of the brand. Aldhèyx was launched in 2016.

3 reviews for Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

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    3 out of 5

    My topic for this group of samples was myrrh and aldehydes, this was an extra in the grouping. Very clean, soapy, and light. I’m not getting more than that, right now, plan to wear it often to see how our relationship develops.

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    5 out of 5

    I love unisex fragrances and wear Escentric Molecule 01 often. This fragrance doesn’t smell like that but it’s sort of in the same school of modern-unisex-ghost smells.
    It immediately reminded me of YSL’s Paris because of the initial blast of bergamot that always smelled like bug spray to me but without the florals (I know I am an anomaly because Paris is known as a beautiful fragrance). Aldheyx doesn’t smell like anything on me except that top note bug spray smell. I would say it’s clean, almost to the fault of being antiseptic. I don’t get any citrus or jasmine because I really can’t smell it.
    What i could notice lasted about 4 hours. I went out for the day and received no comments (dental hygienist, facial). I got no joy from it and this one is not for me.

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    4 out of 5

    This perfume is very much like Seinfeld: it’s a perfume about nothing. Very pleasant, extremely bland, the sort of generic scent that you would add to a medical lotion to make it smell clean without offending anyone. I will concede that a perfumer trying to make an aldehyde focused perfume takes a risk since the ingredient is the focus of some of the true greats (Chanel No.5, Apres l’Ondee)but that means if the experiment was not successful the wise move is to pour it down the drain.
    So, soapy, clean, a vague sense of citrus but not much else. I believe that jasmine is there but again this contributes to soapiness and anonymity. If you ever plan to rob a bank, this would be your ideal scent. The most the witnesses could come up with would be, “seemed very clean”.
    Duration: good, overnight and about 8 hours
    Fabulosity: Lemon Pledge
    Value to price: poor
    4/10 (-2 for perfumer’s ridiculously overheated description)

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

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